DOB in passport is different from Birth Certificate


My date of birth in birth certificate and passport is different.In my visa the date of birth in passport is recorded.Is it possible to change the date of birth in Visa?Whom I should contact to do the same?Please advise.

When did you notice this mistake? if your visa was issued recently , you can call consulate and ask them to fix the issue. If its too late, write to the consulate with the copies of your visa, passport and birth certificate, they would direct you how to fix it. But make sure that you send this letter in a registered post and keep a copy of the papers that you have sent and the receipt of the registered post. These can be used later to prove that you have attempted to correct the issue.

If your visa is expiring soon, dont worry.

BTW, if you have already entered into US with that mistake in the visa stamp, I dont think that you need to be worried much(if you dont plan on travelling outside the country before its expiration).

Thanks for your answer.
My situation is this.Currently I am in US.But within six months i need to apply EAD.I understand birth certificate is one of the necessary document to apply EAD.Because of difference in BC and Passport I don’t know what to do?

What class of EAD? (GC based/L2 based or H4 based)?

GC based.I am in H4 now.My spouse PREM approved.

I re-read your original question.
It looks like I need to advice in a different way.
Which is the correct data of birth document?(Birth certificate/passport)?
Ideally, your passport details are the basis for you. If you have a different date on your birth certificate and needs to fix it, there is an easy and must to do way to fix it(instead of fixing the date on passport and visa etc). Usually since your passport is your official identification document, visa would be issued based on your passport details only, they doesnt use anything else. Fix your birth certificate using an affidavit along with a “Birth details not found” letter from the local authority from your birthplace (as per your passport).

I fixed the issue through proper channel.

How did you overcome this issue? I’m currently in the same situation and would really appreciate any help in this regard.Thanks in advance.

Hi Tom Jose,
From your name I understood you are from Kerala.If possible please send your contact number to my email.

Thank you for your response.Yes I am from kerala. This is my contact #
Thank you

Hi, can you please let me know, how did you fix this issue? Local authority may not give me “Birth Details not Found”

Hi ,
I am also having the same issue . Now I would like to change my Dob in visa. Could you please let me know the process to change dob in visa ?

Hi. I am in the same situation. Can you please help me to understand how to fix this

Can you please help me to understand how to fix this.

Instead of direct communication, if you can summerize how did you fix this issue here, Many others in the forum gets benefited. Please post the details here.

can you please share how did you fix this , or call me 309-585-8386

Hello Prash…Can you let know if you were able to get this sorted out. I am also having the same issue and would like to understand what are the available options.


Hello Ranjith,

Were you able to sort this out. I am also having the same issue and would need to understand the options available and the right channels to proceed.

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Hello . I have the same situation. Could you please let me know how you fixed it.