Date of Birth Different in Passport vs Birth Certificate

Hello Kumar,

My name is Biju Nair. I too have issues with differences in the DOB in passport and my actual birth certificate. I tried with local authorities and they are not ready to give non availability note. Can you let know how were you able to get the issue resolved through proper channels. Thanks and appreciate all the help

Is the date on your date of birth certificate the right one or the one in Passport the right one ? Which officials said no ?

The date on the birth certificate is the right one.The muncipality officials said they would not be giving a non availability certificate. So I am looking for options on how and where to start to set things straight with the right dob in all places

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If your Date of Birth is correct on it, then why cannot you start fixing Passport based on that document and then take it from there ?

I am looking at starting to fix the passport with the right DOB. How did you start with it. What are the other documents that needs to be fixed for ex like Visa,SSN,DL etc. What are the docs that you ended up changing.



First start with Birth Certificate, then Passport, then Visa, then DL, then SSN and other documents.
You need to get updated Birth certificate to start it.

Hello Kumar,

Planning to start the entire set of things. Can you ping me your # . Would like to have a quick discussion. Appreciate all the details that you have provided.


Hi , I am in same situation. My birth certificate date is different then all other documents including ( School leaving certificate, Passport , visa, DL, SSN) and local Municipal office will not give non availability certificate.

Can you please advice ? – We can have a quick call.

Due to volume of requests, we do not talk on phone…Sorry ! You can ask anything here for everyone

Hello Kumar,

Thank you for posting the solution to this complicated problem.

I have a similar case – all my documents (school, university, and passport) carry the wrong date of birth. I am applying for J1 home residency waiver, after which I will move to US on H1B. I wish to apply for GC in a year or two, for which I will need my birth certificate.

I am concerned that if I correct my date of birth in passport before applying for H1B, then I will have to change my date of birth in all my school and degree certificates, which is probably impossible.

Should I correct my date of birth in passport (based on birth certificate) only before applying for GC, and therefore, avoid the work and hassle of correcting my date of birth in my school and degrees.

Thank you for all the suggestions.

Nice, Yes you are right sir. I am Jassy Gracen