US Visa Dropbox Appointment - Hyderabad - Availability - Wait Times

This is a community contributed thread. Please add a screenshot or US Visa Dropbox Availability Dates for Hyderabad US Consulate here. It will be very helpful for anyone planning for US Visa stamping using Dropbox.

Hyderabad Dropbox Availability as on Sep 16, 2019
See below mostly available. There are about 300 Slots given per day


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when do we expect the hyderabad to be opened in jan 2020 for dropbox? Any idea?

i am checking every single day but dont see anything - everything greyed out. please advise.

@dilikguda, it should be open. Something is wrong. Has the system confirmed you are eligible for dropbox and you have visa fee paid receipt to book date ?

Yes we filled the ds/60 but didn’t submit, paid the visa fee and created account - filled all details and when going to the last screen, it’s all greyed out
Yes system confirmed she is eligible for Dropbox wavier. Her current visa is expiring on nov 30,2019

Try calling the customer service once. Try to select other consulate and see to see, if that still occurs…If it is open for other consulates, then it is due to availability. Do update here.

I am going to call them tomorrow morning to find out whats going on with the hyderabad slots. yes, i did look at all other centers and they are open in Jan 2020 - i can see the dates, etc. just Hyderabad is not showing.

additional info, hyderabad and kolkata are not showing - all other centers are open.

but why do i see “First Available Appointment Is Friday January 3, 2020” on the left bottom if the jan is not available? Any idea?

@dilikguda, not sure…it could be they are full or could be a system issue…Usually they are open for upto 3.5 months from the day you are trying to book… Give them a call and update here…

Hi Kumar ,

I see that we need to schedule an appointment for drop box , Can I know the dates availability for Jan

@ravichava, Only current users eligible for it can view it, I wish I had the answer. This is where, need users to contribute. If you are planning for it, I suggest you get the payment done and then start the login to the system to check the availability…Please share the dates like above screenshot for community benefit once you get the appointment.

Thanks kumar , I have one doubt can we make the visa fee payment before submitting DS 160 form

Hi All,

I could not see Jan appointment days for Hyderabad do any one know the reason for that

Can you please share the screenshot. we will get to know the reason.

Very strange, I would suggest you call the customer service and get the reason… even @dilikguda reported the same, not sure…

@dilikguda, any luck finding out the reason ?

I have called them 3 times continuously each day and they told they cannot tell the reason and asked me to book in other consulate - didn’t expecting that answer from them.

Not sure why we don’t see but they told they can only tell based on what we are seeing. Any idea how to proceed with this?

@dilikguda, it is not a bad idea to write to the embassy asking for the same with screenshot…

Sure and that’s my next one to go with this. I am seeing the slots opened for all consulates except Hyderabad. I don’t think it’s all booked rather it’s just not showing up.

Do you have the embassy email id so I can send brief email on the same.

Is this for visa interview or Dropbox ?