US Visa Dropbox Appointment - Hyderabad - Availability - Wait Times

Hi yes this is for Dropbox only

Ok so something wrong with Dropbox slots viability. My company booked for me and it showed for them but it’s for interview.

Oh is it for Dropbox separate slots and for visa separate slots

yes you are right I have just checked for Dropbox they are not showing up , But when I see for interview slots they are showing up

Do you know how you are planning to go and next steps- just trying to understand as if it doesn’t show and customer representatives doesn’t give much info - what we have to do now given its getting close.

I am also not sure on that , I have one doubt can we go fro Dropbox in any location as I have my last visa stamped in Hyderabad

Of course and you are eligible to drop your documents in any location even though your previous visa is stamped in Hyderabad.

I am going to call the customer care tomorrow to clarify few things.

Ok Thanks for the reply, Can you also give me the number to contact so I will also try from my end

If we are eligible for Dropbox can we skip that and go for interview?

Nope, things changed and if you are eligible for interview wavier then you must go and drop your documents. Before it’s diff - you can choose anything but now you must go.

Can anyone please share the screenshot of drop box available slots in Jan-20

@dilikguda Any update on Jan 2020 slots

Nope, still greyed out and it’s better to book in any other consulate at least to hold the dates.

@dilikguda Sure. Have you or the person you are talking about book a date? If so what location? Looks like Chennai doesnt have any in the first few weeks of January.
Also its easy to reschedule if Hyd dates are available right?

Called customer care. They said Hyderabad dates should be available anytime. Check on daily basis.

Even i don’t see slots available in Jan for Hyderabad location, trying to book for my wife H4 drop box. For now I am have booked in kolkata. Not sure why slots are not opened or its completely booked

Customer care said they are not open yet. Pls post here if you see the dates open.

Sure. we should keep checking and update it here. Please keep posted

Dec 5th > Doesn’t not appear to be open yet for Jan 2020 Hyd.

Same script from customer care, advised to keep checking.

Dec 6th. 10:30 AM EST

Still greyed out.