US Visa Dropbox Appointment - Chennai - Availability - Wait Times

This is a community contributed thread. Please add a screenshot or US Visa Dropbox Availability Dates for Chennai US Consulate here. It will be very helpful for anyone planning for US Visa stamping using Dropbox.

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Can anyone post Chennai Dropbox Dates availability please??

I was able to book for end of December. The drop box appointments were wide open, as of yesterday drop box appointments were open from December 3rd onwards…

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@kathirjuly1, Thanks for sharing. Would you mind posting a screenshot of the availability ? It will help others…

My organization said appointment for Jan drop box still not open for Chennai location…can someone please check and confirm the availability…I want to book my flight tickets accordingly…I am looking for Jan 13 th.

You can check with customer care…


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Will they ever open Chennai for January 2020? I am travelling in the first week of Jan. This is making me very anxious. Just checked again, availability has stayed exactly the same for the last week or so.

Is it possible that Jan is completely booked out? Has this happened before?

I am also in same situation.i called customer care…they can’t help unless am booking for myself…for my case organization is booking…may be you can try calling customer care? Also please keep me posted when you see them available…

Guys I just saw two slots open on Jan 8th. I booked one. See if you could get the other one. It’s not ideal, but that is the best available at this point. Hopefully they open it later this week.

Thanks…but unfortunately I cannot make jan8th … please keep us posted if you see for next week…thanks

I would love to take it, but my account has been frozen for 36 hours :joy::cry:

Good luck. Hope it stays open.

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Thanks for the good wishes. Unfortunately I was able to get in and Jan is fully booked again, no luck

Two slots for Jan 30th. if anyone finds for earlier in the month please Lmk

I dont have a way to check… please keep us posted when you see other dates open. I booked my ticket and getting nervous now.

Is there any update from your side?

I don’t think it will let me look at latest availability unless i cancel the current appointment I have. So unless I hear from forums such as this that Chennai is Open for Jan , I would not be able to look at availability


No dates in Jan. I am considering not stamping in Chennai and trying another country later

Appointments seem to have opened!

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