Unoffical emergency appointment request tracker

Hi all,

I just created an UNOFFICIAL emergency appointment request tracker on Google Sheets to keep track of (all willing) users emergency requests. Please feel free to add details so that everyone can get a sense of the time period involved. Your names are optional, if you want to remain anonymous that is fine, but if your request ever gets approved or rejected an update on the tracker would be beneficial. The spreadsheet link is


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Can you please tell me how did you get the EA? I cant see the dates to book EA…

Unable to edit in the excel sheet without requesting for editor access.

Oh! Fixed that. You should be able to add now.

@madhu_mitha You cannot book EA per se. You need to book a normal appointment with a date (that is possible). Once you book a normal appointment; you get an option for an emergency appointment request (one per MRV fees), which you can request with a valid reason.

@Shru Thanks for your inputs. I too have an additional emergency request at Chennai; do you know if the first one would be valid?

Not sure on that .But I guess it is valid…

If you wish you can add the link of this google sheet here .
Many would be monitoring comments here.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have added them there.

Unable to navigate to the Google sheet from that page

The comments section is not exactly link-friendly. I can add only text with no links, anyway I have added it there.

Thank you for the response. I am trying to get a normal visa appointment. it says “no appointments available”.

It seems Delhi is becoming like Chennai. Now Mumbai seems fast, but with many requests that too will become slow. Any idea about Kolkata?

I had called customer care today and they said the first EA request is closed as I have raised a second EA at Delhi.As per their inputs only one EA will be valid at a time.

Thanks for that clarification. Hope Delhi gets faster; no point in canceling and applying anywhere now. Unless you can get a normal appointment faster. Are users able to get normal appointment times in November as mentioned in the Telegram groups? Or is it for Dropbox appointments only?

Those are dropbox appointments only

Even I am confused looking at the discussion over there.

I just saw on the spreadsheet that an EA request at Delhi made in August was approved only in October. Looks like the wait will be longer :slightly_frowning_face:

Request everyone not to modify the data in the excel…today I saw my EA request data modified in it.Some has modified all the data

Restored it to an earlier version. Please check if your dates are right.