TCS lotter selected

Any update from tcs? anyone who was slected in lottery, got petition or receipt number or any update in.ultimatix

It seems they have started filing LCA from last week of April. My manager received mail from visa team in April last week notifying some role changes they had done for LCA. But nothing updated in Ultimatix.

you got your status updated as selected in lottery in ultimatix?

Around April 4 the status changed to “Selected in lottery” and around May 8 it changed to “In Process Mapping”. But actual details on petition filing status are not updated anywhere. Hope this helps.

yes…let me know…if yu get any update in future plz…

hi reactive012…is there any further update you got? kindly share if any

No furthur update since 8th May. Hoping they give some updates in coming days atleast.

for my case also no update after 25 apr…how.much time it takes to file a petition i wonder

Lots of suspense. Due to covid situation can’t be sure that they actually filed the petition until they send us an update mail or update in ultimatix. Hope some update comes soon.

oh…that possibility also there…:frowning:
plz do let me know if you get any update in coming days…

@reactive012 has TCS taken your all documents required for petition filing ? are they got verified by internal team?

@Prashant3 i uploaded all the docs while raising vts…is there any other way to check if they got verified by internal team?

I may be wrong but as far as I know, all documents are provided while raising visa request internally and they verify all the documents. If no discrepancy found, only then they apply for lottery. So if they applied for lottery and our case gets selected that means the visa team has already verified the docs and no need to provide any documents again unless they request something specifically. They will apply LCA and file petition directly as they have all documents any may not contact us again for that. Only when you get RFE you have to provide additional docs. Not sure how the process is in other companies though.

@reactive012 i also think so.

@Prashant3 are u from tcs?

yes that is correct. One of my frnd had this but it was 4 yrs back, there was no updates on Ultimatix portal. Only thing is they wont let u know lot of things that is happening internally unless it requires any documents etc from you. If you have been not through lottery in first stage they wont let u know until October-Nov post USCIS requires to have another lottery from non-selected candidate. Of course this year registration possibly removes duplicate so having another lottery chances goes down.

@Prashant3 but this year they updated lottery slected status…in ultimatix…and further since more than one month there is no update case…

that is what is my concern…