TCS H1B Lottery selected for 2021? Discussion here

its june 2…still no update…

@reactive012 let me know if u get any

@Subhajit_Majumdar no update here also.

any way to know the status…:neutral_face::neutral_face:

you can try to email the visa team with your vts number as reference and ask for an update. But usually they give only generic replies like ‘your request is in process and we will update you in case we need furthur information’. I am also planning to send them a mail if status does not change in next few days.

ok…i just dropped one mail…lets see

@reactive012 they only mentioned that my registration is selected in lottery and petition will be filed between 1 apr to 30 june…they mentioned nothing concrete or specific to my petition

I suspected they might reply something like this to our mails. I had mailed them in March during lottery registration phase about status and they had replied something like ‘If your vts request is in our queue we will ensure that registration will happen before deadline’. Looks like no other option but to wait till they update in system.


you also try to connect them once…

yes. I will try to send them a mail sometime in this week. lets see what they reply.

it is now getting frustrating sometimes…


@reactive012 got one news from one of my friend .that it has paused the filing this year…but his case was premium processing…

not sure if it happened for our case too…

It may be that they are not premium processing for any application this year and only regular processing.

But there is a lot of uncertainty this year so anything is possible. So getting an official application status update from the visa team will help confirm things. Hoping for the best.

yes true…hope they provide some update soon

i am from tcs…and there is no update…do u have got any update recently?

@hopefully no update for me too…you can connect with gms team once dropping one email

@reactive012 did u got any reply on your email …

didnt mail them last week. I am planning to send mail tomorrow. will update once they reply.

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thanks.pls let us know…i guess they will update by 30th…i raised a ticket and got reply that it will be filled btwn 1 apr to 30th june…

@hopefully if i am not wrong…30 th is the last date to reach uscis office…and they r giving a generic reply not specific to any individual…

As expected got the same reply today on mail. Petition will be filed between 1st april and 30th June. Once petition is filed status in gms will change to ‘Filed with USCIS’. Also in mail they mentioned that they will not be providing individual status on mail to anyone. So no option but to wait patiently till they update in gms.

I have a feeling that they might file all petitions first till 30th June and mass update everyone’s status in early July as ‘Filed with USCIS’ or something.