RFE Responsed but status still Showing up as Request for Evidence

Hi All,

I have recieved the RFE and My Employer/Attorney has responded to That RFE 23/08/2013. But my status is still showing up as Request for Evidence. Can any one provide any info on this… How much time it will take to Change the Status to RFE REVIEW.



Hi Vishal,

My case is also showing as RFE from 12th July, and RFE was responded in July as well. There is no specific time for RFE clearance, so we have to wait…

By the way what is your case series?

Hi Satnam… Thanks for Response … My Status was Updated to RFE on July 17 2013… And my Employer / Attorney Responded aswell But the status is same still… By the My Series in WAC13136##### and Yours

Mine is WAC13137… , what was your RFE all about?

It was about SOW, Detailed job Description … Federal tax documents of my employer… Details of company website . pamplets and details of end client … and Yours

Is Your Status Still RFE or RFE REVIEW

Status is still RFE, and i don’t know about the RFE details as i didn’t asked it from employer.

Okay did your Employer Responded Back to RFE …

Yes it was responded.

Hey Satnam Any update on status in USCIS…

Not yet, and yours?

Mine is also in same state … Dont know what will happen… What is the employement date given in Offer letter for you… For me it Oct 1 2013

Don’t worry, hope for the best. Employment date is same.

Any update Satnam ,…

Nothing :frowning:

Any update satnam in your case

any update satnam in u r case

Hi Satnam… My Status has been updated to “Request for Evidence Response Review” On 4-sep-2013.

Thanks for your update, but mine is still same. Best of Luck…

Hi Satnam Any update on your case , When did your Attorney responded to RFE