Recent F2 visa experience - Approved on 6th Attempt

Hi all, my wife recently got F2 visa on 6th attempt
Here’s the story,

I am in US since 2015 got married in 2016 jan,
since then we have been trying to get F2 visa,

First 2 times we applied for F2 >> Rejected

(possible reasons 1. sponsor was my father in India , i didn’t had a job but as many of my friend’s wives were getting visa we applied this many times )

Now, after 2 rejections it was tough to get same category visa (what i thought)
We applied for visitors visa giving the reason she is working over there back in india, and just wanted to meet me and see USA for shot duration


Now, after 6 months we again applied for her as F1 , thinking F1 should bring money to USA and chances were high so,


Now it was 2017 December, she got to visit France from her employer (work visa)
she went there for a month in feb, now once she came back to india we though as she got France stamping on passport chances are good to get visa (as we thought it might help to prove our financial status)
applied for F2 visa 6th time in April 2018

Rejected (at this time i was supposed to graduate without job, sponsor was my father, she had a job )

++She went back to france in july (got one more stamping )
++ I got job on OPT in August
++waited 6 -8 months to create strong profile financially
++Asked her to leave Job before interview even in DS160 we said that she is not working anymore
Now most Important part
++DS160, As far as i understand there will be some AI to track down DS160 form and changes you brought in (from your last visa rejection )
even I explained last rejections in DS160 in a simple language which AI could detect,

She had my W-2, job letters , financial documents,marriage documents and Hope : )
She went for interview , gave her I20 and passport , they went inside to verify these docs came back and said they are granting her Visa :smiley:

There were mistakes from our side but i would say try to over come issues you had in previous visa rejections try to explain them in DS160 what has changed since then ?
just don’t lose hope, you never know : )
All the best :slight_smile:

Congratulations ! You guys hung on it and never gave up…Thanks for sharing with community !

First congratulations for your visa… am facing the same situation …can I have your contact details …thank you.

Please reach me out on twitter @Jaimin97763540

Thanks @jaimin1114
@Manasareddy You can send personal message using the Message Option on User ID, no need to have email. Try that…

same case 2 times in f2 and once for graduation in b1/b2, Nd 4 time when he got job bt at this time we wrote father in law as sponsor was that is mistake,everytime i got 214 b slip ,what to include in reason for denial

1.If you are going to stay in US and applying for dependent visa on your husband, makes no sense to show someone else as sponsor.
We made this same mistake and corrected that one by showing myself as a sponsor.
2.Show what has changed since you applied last time till now ? husband’s job ? financial condition ? any mistake you did in your last attempt and you corrected it ?
3.Be honest about your past mistakes no matter how many times you applied for diff. visa class, you can say you were desperate to meet your husband and made those mistakes( only if they ask in interview)
4. I believe they are using some machine learning tool to read this section so try to format your sentence which it can read, I mean in simple format

Here is what we explained(not remember exactly but kind of) in the section where they ask if we applied previously and got rejected and why ? "
I believe my previous visa application rejection was because of the sponsor we mentioned was my father in law, but since last 8 months my husband is working FULL TIME as so&so for so&so company, his contract is extended till so&so, recently he has been promoted to *** we strongly believe he is capable of sponsoring me during my stay in US. "

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Hy thanks for your reply,And i wanted to know what was your length of stay in usa in ds160

can you give me your gmail id