F2 visa denials twice (I am in STEM OPT status now)

I got married this summer and then applied for my wife’s F-2 visa. But it has been denied twice so far. I am working in stem OPT right now and I have work authorization till August 2021 and have visa till May 2021. First time, my wife’s F-2 was denied with 214(b) reason. Then, after a month, she was again denied stating they can’t issue visa considering my F-1 OPT status. The thing that has changed now since the second attempt is that I have been approved for stem OPT but was in pending status then. Should my wife go for the third F-2 interview? What are the strategies for the successful visa interview? Or B-1/B-2 would be the best option? Really appreciate your suggestions.

@santosh_bhattarai, F2 stamping is a very tricky situation. There are definitely more rejections that you see in F2 than in F1. There are some users who have tried 6 times to get F2 stamping. So, it is definitely worth a shot…There is not much you can do, than try to attend interview. You could also consider the financial sponsor for spouse as the same person who sponsored your education…again, this is just an option, but may or may not help… It can be very stressful at times without knowing what you can do to get approval…but, that’s the nature of the stamping…wish, I had a silver bullet solution.

Hi Kumar,
Thanks for coming around with your helpful suggestion. As far as the sponsorship is concerned, I came here for masters with an assistantship. So, the whole expense was covered by the funding from the professor. But now I work here and make enough money to sponsor my wife/parents. My guess is this should not be any issue but going through all these denials is frustrating.

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Got it. As I said, something to consider…may not be applicable as well. Anyways, give it another try, does not hurt. Good Luck !