Not able to Book US Visa Appointments - OFC shows Available

Hello Guys,

Need some help here . Visa - H4, consulate - Mumbai, time - March, 2021; issue - not able to book an appointment date for the interview.

I am trying to book an appointment date for H4 in mumber consulate. The portal is showing the available dates for “OFC”. But, when I select a date and time and hit continue. It gives a message as " There are currently no appointments available. Please press the back button and choose a new OFC appointment date". But I have tried it mulitple times with different dates and times (some showing as 11 available slots) and every time I get this same message.

I know people were able to book appointments. I don’t know why mine isn’t going through.

Please help. Much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


This is an issue with the system. many are facing the same issue. When some users reached out to the support, they were told that, it was a bug and there were no appointments. So, technically you should continue to check or try later. If in doubt, contact USTravelDocs customer service

Thanks Kumar for your response. Ya it is very irritating as I have been trying continuously. Good to at least know they acknowledged it is an issue. Hopefully, it gets resolved soon. I reached to the twice and got the same response. Below is their response to me:

We understand that you have a query pertaining to the interview slots.

In response to your question, please note that we will not be able to comment regarding slots availability. The slots availability is on the basis of first come first serve. You may login to your profile on and go through the steps of scheduling an appointment to know the current slots availability.

Additionally, you may refer to the link: for information regarding appointment wait time.

We hope this information is helpful to you.


That is standard response…Sad, but not much can be done…

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Hi all,

Just thought of sharing to help others. Finally, I was able to book an appointment (using the regular steps…nothing extra guess is the website was fixed/changed to allow appointment bookings).

I think the consulates have opened up for bookings. Not sure if only certain visa types have been allowed as of now but for sure H4, F1 are open (not sure about others such as H1)


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Thanks a lot for the update, I was trying for a H1b and the bug still persists :frowning:

Is there any agent booking or any other ways to schedule the appointment? I was trying continuously every day and it shows available but couldn’t book any of them. I need this appointment ASAP. I didn’t see this risk of booking appointment due to some personal emergencies.
Errors, Warnings and Account freezing

  1. Error: There are currently no appointments available. Please press the Back button and choose a new OFC appointment Date.
  2. Warning: You are approaching the maximum number of times you may view this page. Please complete your transaction at this time.
  3. Account Freezing: ** freezes account for 72 hours**
    Please let me know if there is any way of booking appointment within a week for dropbox

Hi Ravin, I am in same situation as you are. My account got locked a few days back.
Interestingly the side note shows availability between April to June for Mumbai, Chennai, Hyd. However there is no availability for Biometrics for these months, which is weird since these appointments do not take more than 10-15 mins.

Could you please post your update when you are able to?


not able to book interviews waiver appointments for mumbai for eb2 visa…

I am unable to book the VAC appointments in November also though it shows there are few availabilities, did any one booked appointment recently ? if so can you please help how can we pass this CGI portal bug which errors out by saying no appointments available.

Hi guys…even I am facing the same issue since past 2 days… is there anyone able to book the slots…

Hey Vishal…did u able to book the slot for OFC?

Hi. I am facing the same issue for the past 2 days while booking H4 appointment. OFC available but consulate appointment not available. What is the solution. Anyone able to book H4 appointment. Please help.

I am also in a similar situation. Trying to book for H4. Were you able to book?


After a lot of tireless attempt, I could successfully able to book appointments but the slots were in November. Would recommend you all to book the available slots, and you can reschedule whenever we need.

Good luck!

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HI. good to know that you were able to book your slot. am facing this issue from almost a month now. can you please let me know if there is anything different that you did to pull this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Same case with me. Trying for dependant visa from last 1 week for the appointment in between may to december (system showing available) but next page coming with No appointment available. Please suggest.

Hello All, thanks for sharing your sharing your experiences, I’m facing the same issue: I see the slots available but when i try to book the slot, it says " There are currently no appointments available. Please press the Back button and choose a new OFC appointment Date. any idea why its happening?

I am also trying for J1-visa. It is showing there are some dates available for OFC appointment but while booking its shows there are no dates available.
Can anyone please share some solution over here who have booked slots successfully in recent days?
Because I can check that the available slots are getting booked slowly and some dates which were available earlier now not available.
May be some particular type visas are allowed to book.
Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated.


I am also trying to apply for J-1. Been facing the same issue as you.
Please let me know if you could get appointment.

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