Not able to Book US Visa Appointments - OFC shows Available

It seems like the U.S. embassy is not giving any date now.
They may give slots for booking if the covid situation improves in India.
Have you joined any telegram group or any medium to get the notification?
If yes then, please share.

I am facing the same issue. Dates for OFC are available but there are no dates for visa interview. What shall I do? I was trying to book appointment for L1 visa.

Facing similar issue. Were you able to book appointment eventually ?


Just an update. My husband who has applied for a j-2 dependant was able to get an appointment but for Dec 22, 2021. I am waived off from the interview as I have travelled on j-1 two years back. I haven’t got a visa waiver appointment yet. Were you able to book an appointment yet?

I have not got an appointment till today.
It is showing some appointment dates for OFC, after selecting one date it’s showing there is no appointment date for counselor interview.

I think since cities are unlocking now, appointments will be available. Is your program start date approaching as on your DS-2019?

HI… I am trying to get appointment for F1 but the earliest data available is for Jan 2022. My program starts fall 21. Any suggestions?

hey you can apply for an expedited appointment which is an option available after you get a normal appointment.

You mean to say that I take the appointment for Jan 2022 and then expedite it? Moreover, the expedite option is available when the time left for the program to start is 60 days or less.
Please advise.

Going through same phase.OFC appointment is available but no counsler appointment for K1 Visa at Mumbai location . Called customer care but no satisfactory response from them as well.

If your program start date is 60 days or less, one can apply for expedite request. However one has to have a regular appointment date to even apply for expedited request. The best scenario would be to get a regular appointment whichever date you might get for e.g Jan 22 in your case. Then keep checking for any earlier dates available and you can reschedule your appointment twice I guess. or if 60 days or less is left for your program to start apply for expedited request. Hope this helps.

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I would suggest to book OFC in one location and the consular interview in another location. This way you may get the appointments. If you are looking for both in one location, it may be delayed.

Is it possible to book the appointment for a consulate office other than the one I selected in DS160. Like I filed DS160 for Delhi consulate but now can I take the appointment of Mumbai Consulate?

I think so. Can you reach out to USTravelDocs helpdesk before booking ?

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