No response for H4 emergency visa appointment in Chennai consulate

I have applied for H4 emergency request with Chennai US consulate on 06th September 2020. Still there is no response from the consulate. Request is neither approved or rejected.

Is it getting delayed for the response from Chennai consulate?
Can you share the mail id to send a query to US consulate?

Hi Vijay,

Even I am in the same situation.
Did you receive any response from Chennai US consulate?

Hi Shruthi,

No response yet for me. One of my friend who applied EA on August 24, got response yesterday for the interview. Now, I am hopeful that I will get response from consulate soon. When did you raise EA request?

I had raised EA request on 23rd September. I was worried as other consulates are approving the EA faster and there was no response for many from Chennai consulate.

It will take at least a time frame of 30-40 days considering the current approval rates. If the consulate starts to function normally, it can be fast.

Thank you Vijay.
Let us know once your EA is approved.

Hello Guys,

I have applied EA at Chennai on 4th of September. No response yet. Please do let me know, if any of your(or your friends) gets approved. I will update once mine is approved.

Hi all,

Me too in the same boat. I applied for EA in mid-Sep; no updates yet. I am thinking of relapsing this and applying for EA at New Delhi considering their faster processing. Chennai seems to be the slowest. I am having second thoughts also; as this might backfire also. Has anyone done this recently with success (change EA locations after MRV fees relapse)?

Yes today I tried applying for Delhi consulate by using the second EA and I was successful.
Waiting for their response.

To do this you will have to lapse your existing receipt by utilizing all the available 5 attempts. I had scheduled my first appointment in March 2020 and this was cancelled due to closure of consulates in India. After this I had scheduled a regular appointment in September 2020 to request for EA.After this I tried 3 more attempts but still the receipt was not lapsed. When inquired with customer care they said there are 2 more attempts available.Looks like consulate did not consider the first 2 attempts done in March and September due to covid situation. Check with customer care regarding the remaining attempts before proceeding.

While trying to schedule reschedule the appointment my account was locked for 72 hrs.I could not login to my account for 3 days. So avoid repeated logins. You may encounter this situation of account being frozen, so keep this too in mind before proceeding with this plan.

Once your attempts are exhausted a pop up will appear saying you will have to get a new receipt for next attempt.

Cancel the last booked appointment and then proceed with new appointment scheduling.Here you can do mrv fee payment and get a new receipt. Before doing the payment ensure that no receipt is tagged in that page.Also beneficiary account number will be different for every transaction.Check this too. It will take 1-2 business days for receipt to be activated.In my case by mistake I had done payment after my third attempt(thinking it to be the last payment) before the account got locked.After the account was unlocked I tried scheduling the appointment for New Delhi location with new receipt.I was successful doing that and an Emergency request button was also enabled.

Hi ,
I am planning to apply for a new EA appointment. I am currently in chennai and do you think I can opt for my EA directly in Delhi or Mumbai. If yes do you know the procedure . I am doing this EA for the first time.

I have two questions:

  1. How is lapsing the MRV fees different from canceling the appointment?
  2. I cannot reschedule appointment to lapse the fees. The site says no appointments available even for March 2021. Have others experienced this?

You will have to take a regular visa appointment to preferred location first(Delhi or Mumbai). Once you have scheduled an appointment say to Delhi Consulate a button "Emergency appointment " will be enabled on left side (Probably below the cancel appointment button). Click on this Emergency appointment button and choose the reason for EA from the drop down list. Then provide a brief description of your reason for EA and attach required documents and submit.

Lapsing the MRV receipt means utilizing all the available attempts. Check with customer care regarding your available attempts. Rescheduling/Cancelling and scheduling both mean to utilize a single attempt.

Even I could not reschedule appointment for Chennai location. Then I tried doing it for Delhi location.

Thank you so much. Keep us posted on how soon they are accepting your EA .

Thanks @Shru for the procedure. I made an EA request at Delhi on 12th October. I will let everyone on this thread know if I get any updates.


Did anyone get approval on their emergency request from Delhi consulate ? Do you know how long is it taking for them to respond to our requests ?

Could be a few days, 4-5 days would be reasonable. Chennai on the other hand has been in the order of months. Delhi should be faster compared to Chennai, more staffed (just a theory). My request has been open for 4 days. When did you apply?

I am yet to apply. Just figuring out where I would get the earliest response. My first preference is Delhi of course. So wanted to know what is the current wait time.

When you make an EA request cancel it by lapsing the MRV fees and apply for a second EA with new MRV fess, does the first EA request still exist and do they consider it for action?

Hi Tom,

Have you recieved any update from Delhi consulate?