New job started remotely (from home) after H1B transfer but LCA filled for actual work location

I started working for a new employer after getting my H1b transfer approved, During onboarding process HR agreed to start remotely for my current location in Texas. But the immigration team was not aware of this and filled my petition for actual work location which is in Georgia.
So started working from my current location and recently realized that I don’t have any amendment filed for the same.
It is been around 7 months i started this job, All paystubs & taxes reflect the my Texas address.
I’m worried that it this might be treated as H1b violation and I may be out of status.
What are my options to fix my current situation ?
I’m also worried that if I let my employer know they might fire me since I violated the H1b terms. Do you suggest to let my employer know ?
can I just move to my actual work location and continue working from there ? Can I be back on status ? or will it be still considered a violation ?

I already replied to your post. You can start working from the location in your LCA asap. In future you can have your employer file the amendment along with new LCA if you want to move back to where you are working from currently.