New H4 appointment prior to new H1B dropbox appointment

Hi My wife and kids having Interview appoinement scheduled in Feb 2024 which is prior to my H1B dropbox in March 2024. And Both appointments are booked from different profiles. Will there be any issue? or do i need to reschedule for my family?

No we are in india currently. And I am doing H1b dropbox by using my valid B1 visa and my family is going for interview. But they got appointment prior to me.

And in list of documents for H4 they didnt mention anything about my H1b status. So i got that doubt my family can go for H4 interview prior to me?

hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi please provide me your suggestion

Hi anyone else has any more information on it.

I already replied, ideally primary H1B should get stamped first before H4 visa can be approved.

If H4 go before H1B, I think what may happen is they will get a 221g to submit copy of your visa and then they will be approved.

You can talk to VFS to get their input on your situation.

Book their dates along with you or later.