H1B dropbox appt and new H4 visa

Hi all,
I am planning to go to India in the latter half of the year for my marriage.
I recently changed my employer and have had to get the H1B amended for that.
And my spouse will be getting her H4 stamped for the first time.

So my question is:
Can we go together for the interview and have my new H1B stamped (by default i will be eligible for dropbox) and get her H4 also or should i do a dropbox for me followed by a H4 for her?

Do your Dropbox first and then do your wife’s appointment as she will not qualify for dropbox of she never hold a US visa in past.

Thanks @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

Hi My wife and kids having First time H4 Interview appoinement scheduled in Feb 2024 which is prior to my First time H1B dropbox in March 2024. will there be any issue? or do i need to reschedule for my family?

Will you be in the US on H1b status when they appear for their interview? If not then you need to schedule them with or after you.