Indian Passport Renewal for Minor in Pune - Experience

Below is my minor indian passport renewal experience for everyone benefit.

Okay!!! I am writing this to share my experience with all who need clarification for minor’ passport’ process and probable timelines.

I took appointment for my son on 06 June as well. So let us get an overview of the documentation, you will require, valid passport of both parent’ with any one of them having name endorsed of other parent on their passport, Annexure D stating that both parent agree for child’d passport, birth certificate of the kid and address proof. Keep photo copies and original.

Now, we went into Pune’ PSK located at Mudhawa. It was really crowded but not to worry, upon seeing an infant they will treat you with priority. As soon as you enter the gate, there will be some reception kind of area, where initial checks are performed. There, you will be provided with token number which will be used through out.

They will guide you through the door where Counter A, B and C are there. At our time, there were around 1150 appointments scheduled but one gentleman who was managing the the queue, allowed us through.

Counter A - A lady asked us to show all the document, all the originals were verified and copies were asked to be signed by us. They took thumb impression of our little one on the paper. Basically scanning of all the documents are done here. They also pitch for their passport cover here, if you wish, you may purchase one and opt for messaging service as well.

Counter B - One fine guy, who seemed a bit serious at once, asked us to produce the documents again. He checked them more thoroughly. He thought my wife’ signatures are not matching so he sent us to count A again for re-signing the Annexure D with exact same signature as in her passport. We went again with correction and we were through.

Counter C - Here all the government officials sit. We were assigned a lady which did not believe in additional talking apart from professional one. She only checked our passports and said only one line “It’s done”, with a smile.

Exit - Security guard asked us to give them the token receipt with our file number on it.

As soon as we stepped out, there was a message on my phone “Your application is granted on no police verification basis for file number xxxx”. followed with one more message “Passport printing initiated. Your will receive SMS/email, once passport is dispatched.”

Now, the day was Thursday and I was under the impression that I would be receiving the passport in next 5 working days, as per my discussion with colleagues & other family members. But this did not happen.

I waited till next Tuesday. and Status did not change. That made me worried. I dropped a status message to the PSK’ number and to my surprise, received a text “Your application is being processed at regional passport office. Your will receive SMS/email, once passport is dispatched”.

I got confused, next day called PSK’ customer care, and believe me they trust in by the book policy. You may not get much support from there. Though, I asked them, if any further information is required from my end, they said no, in fact I was informed that my application is being checked again. So I waited till next week and one fine noon, received message that my passport is printed. With a gap of one day, It was dispatched on 21 June 2019 - Received my son’ passport.

So few points to be noted and that could be of help :

  • Never panic, if all your documentations are in place. Even with no verification of Police, you may get your passport within 2-3 weeks, if not in a week. However, would recommend to check the status frequently.
  • One probable reason of delay I found here in Pune is that, RPO is in process of being shifted by end of July.
  • Plus they only work 4 days a week with a timing of 10 AM to 12:30 PM.

Thanks @Bug_Beak for sharing your experience !