H4 EAD Expedite request denied


Our visa got expired on 4/30/2020, so filed H4 and H4 EAD applications along with my Husbands H1 in Jan, 2020. H1 was approved on 20th Apr in regular processing. H4 biometrics was completed on February 19th, 2020.Since then no status change in both the applications. Last Thursday (4/30) called USCIS and requested expedite both the applications. Yesterday received an email from USCIS saying that it denies to expedite the process as sufficient documents were not provided. I didn’t receive any email asking for documents. Only email received was that your expedite request is denied. Can you please guide if i can call Customer care and ask why the request was denied even without asking for documents. I have all the documents and employer letter asking for expedite the request. Please guide. Also should i go ahead and raise another expedite request or wait for some time.

Hello Sujay,
hope you are doing well!
I heard couple cases like this, USCIS denies without any explanation.
One-thing you can do is contact again for expedite the application.
I have time line similar to you, applied H1+H4+H4 EAD in JAN, H1 approved on 14th April, still no result on H4 & H4-EAD.
Let me know once you received approval on H4 & EAD.

Hello rkkt,

Thanks for the update… I raised one more expedite request and that was also denied. Not sure what to do. Running out of ideas… Reached out to congressman also but got no response. I will let you know if there is any update on my case.