H4 EAD Expedite request denied


Our visa got expired on 4/30/2020, so filed H4 and H4 EAD applications along with my Husbands H1 in Jan, 2020. H1 was approved on 20th Apr in regular processing. H4 biometrics was completed on February 19th, 2020.Since then no status change in both the applications. Last Thursday (4/30) called USCIS and requested expedite both the applications. Yesterday received an email from USCIS saying that it denies to expedite the process as sufficient documents were not provided. I didn’t receive any email asking for documents. Only email received was that your expedite request is denied. Can you please guide if i can call Customer care and ask why the request was denied even without asking for documents. I have all the documents and employer letter asking for expedite the request. Please guide. Also should i go ahead and raise another expedite request or wait for some time.

Hello Sujay,
hope you are doing well!
I heard couple cases like this, USCIS denies without any explanation.
One-thing you can do is contact again for expedite the application.
I have time line similar to you, applied H1+H4+H4 EAD in JAN, H1 approved on 14th April, still no result on H4 & H4-EAD.
Let me know once you received approval on H4 & EAD.

Hello rkkt,

Thanks for the update… I raised one more expedite request and that was also denied. Not sure what to do. Running out of ideas… Reached out to congressman also but got no response. I will let you know if there is any update on my case.

Hi Sujay,

Any luck with Approval yet?
I contacted my lawyer couple days before and they said. The processing times for an I-539 can take anywhere from 5 months to 9 months (depending on the Service Center that is processing the case).

Hi rkkt,

Still no update… waiting… We filled in Vermont Service center… Ya the processing time varies and even in the center with different range of applications… Any update on your case?


no updates!! :unamused:

Ok… Same here… Continue to wait…:frowning:

We had applied our H1B+H4+EAD on Jan 15th California service center… H1B approved in 10 days due to PP. I raised expedite request for my EAD on May 4th with USCIS. Submitted documents. It got denied saying it was not considered an emergent case. I reached out to Congress women and Senator. Requested our congresswomen to submit USCIS more documents proving reasons for my expedite. (re-expedite submission through congresswomen)
Approval received within a week. And card received last week.

Hello Lakshmanan ,
Good to know that.Could you pls share the reason you used to expedite?

I work in a research lab and projects involving autoimmune patients. I submitted letter stating if I do not receive the EAD on time I might have a lapse in my job and affect my research work and loss of critical data. Lapse in my research work also leads to loss of funding money that was received for these projects and missing critical deadlines.


Hello Sujay,
H4 & Ead approved today!!
based on the timeline you will receive approval in 6-8 days.
Thank you!!!

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Hey rkkt, My case also approved today for H4 & EAD… Same time :slight_smile:

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Hello rkkt,

Did you get your EAD card by mail?

not yet!!

How About You?

Hi Uma

My H4 and H4 EAD is still in process, Biometric itself is pending.
i filed in March, since then there is no progress.
What did you mention in the letter to congresswoman? i want to take the same route to expedite my case.
Thanks in advance.


Not Yet How About You?

Hi Sruthi,
In the letter to congresswoman, I wrote about the details on filing date and the reason for expedite request. I also attached supporting letters from my employer as proof to show why I need to remain employed without lapse in work. I sent the “USCIS expedite request - file number” as reference. Our congresswoman was very nice and helpful. The staff was very quick with communication and response. If you are lucky they can help you in expediting the request with USCIS.
Good luck!

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Hi Uma,

If we have to go through Congressmen we have to raise expedite request from USICS,or just we can send it directly to USICS,What all the documents you submitted while expediting your case.recently i got offer letter from company which is research side,can you please let me know how to expedite my case.and what all the documents you submitted

Hi, I first reached out to USCIS requesting for expedite request. Then USCIS sends you an email (same day or next day) with case number and instructions on why you want to expedite? which category of expedite request?(personal, medical, financial loss to company) and documents to support your expedite request.
Next step I reached out to my employer and collected all documents - my offer letter/experience letter, letter explaining how your research work is critical? If in research area submit grants/funding information related to your project which has info on how much money is tied to the project and your involvement in supporting the work to reach deadlines and important milestones.
Then I sent all these letters to USCIS first. Same day I sent the USCIS letter (the one you received from them via email) and letters from employer to Congress office.
My congresswomen office also told me to fill another form from their office filling out details of USCIS expedite request. (Case number, application file date, expiry date of visa and other basic info)
Hope I was able to answer your questions. Good luck!

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Hi UMA , can you please let me know how can i contact congress women and what exactly you requested them .
It you explain a process it would be of great help as I will lose my job if I don’t have my card by aug 27 , after 10 years of my struggle i got full time job .