H4 EAD Expedite request denied

Hi Deepti, every county has their own congress office website. If you google you can find their website. In the website they have different categories to choose from for service request. I chose immigration and then you fill a form with details regarding your case and a brief explanation on why you need their help? like request for expedite request with valid reasoning. They will ask you to email the filled form along with supporting documents (USCIS email for case number, employee letter, cover letter) once you send it to their email, you can call their office and have them look at your case. I was lucky with our local congresswomen from San Francisco who was very quick in communication. In parallel I also reached out to state senators ( same process- contact them via email or phone) their website will have another form and submit same supporting letters.
I can totally understand your situation and frustration. Good luck and let me know if I can help with any internet search for looking into congress office info.

Hi Uma ,

Thank you very much for replying . I have already contact the Congress Man in Santa Clara who is Ro Khanna . Filled the form but will call him tomorrow and write him with more details . I haven’t give him my receipt number yet

Employee letter - I will ask my employer to give me letter .
USCIS Receipt number as well the letter
Cover letter which explains my condition - Is that what they want

So I contacted Ro Khanna as I live in sunnyvale
Jerry Hill Senator - .

I still haven’t got my Bio metric appointment .

I would like once we contact them what exactly they do or after that what is the process after we provide them Like senator or congress man the supporting documents stated above .

Here is my number 646-379-1903 if you can call me that would be awesome .

Thanks and Regards