H4 EAD applied twice with H1B transfer and EAD current job impact?

I have current H1 B and H4 EAD (spouse) approved till 2022. I got a new job offer from company A and also got H1B transfer approved with company A till 2023 but company A applied for H4 + EAD and I got the receipt notice for those (pending). (I have not joined company A yet)

Now I got another offer from company B which is a little better then Company A. I am interested in joining Company B. Here are the question (B Is ready to apply H1+h4 + H4 EAD)

  1. Any Impact in the currently approved H4 EAD expiring 2022
  2. What happened to H4+ EAD applied by company A with H1 approved transfer WHICH IS STILL pending?
  3. Any issue with my spouse EAD and current job, can she still work with current EAD until 2022?
  4. Any H1 B issues with having approved with already with current Company, company A and will be with Company B now? :man_facepalming: but finally, joining Company B?
    Any help or suggestion really appreciated.