H1B visa stamping consulate mentioned in I797


I got my H1B petition approved recently and I797 notice of approval shows the consulate as Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia where i have been working since 4 years. As i am an Indian national, can i attend in Malaysia consulate as mentioned in I797 or go to India for visa stamping ? Please advice.

Note: I have been rejected B1 visa thrice when i was working in India at chennai embassy. Does it have any effect now ?


Hi Krishna,

To answer your questions in short -

  1. You can set-up the visa interview at any of the US consulates in India. In mycase, the I797 approval showed Chennai while I went to Mumbai consulate for final interview. It is upto you, but I’d recommend getting the interview done from home country.

  2. B1 rejection will have absolutely no effect on existing H1b process.

Hope this solves your issues. All the best man!

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Thank you prasenjit1986 for your reply. I know, few of my aquaintances attended for visa stamping in Kuala Lumpur and got it approved too. Due to my past rejections, i want to avoid attending in home country especially chennai embassy where i have got some bad experiences till date. I will go ahead with the consulate mentioned in I797 which is KL and see if they can allow me. Otherwise, i will have to try my luck again in home country.

Thanks again,

Hi Krishna,Have you attended for stamping in malaysia.please share your exp .i am going to attend in malaysia.Thanks in advance.

Hi Jun11,Have you attended for stamping in malaysia.please share your exp .i am going to attend in malaysia.Thanks in advance.

Hi Srinu, I got my H1B visa stamped in KL consulate successfully. I posted my experience in redbus2us too. It may take some time for admin to post it. Good luck to you too.

Hi Krishna,Appriciated your immidiate response.How was your stamping heppened.is there any more questions ? is there any current employer(Malaysian company) verification ? did they ask for paystubs,tax returns ? Thanks in advance…

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thanks you very much krishna for sharing your exp…

Hi Krishna,

How was the Visa Officer’s conversation? Can we understand their slang easily?

Just a random tip - the VO speak in crystal clear English, with minimum slang words and their accent is very clear, simply because they also know that they have to speak to non-native English speakers.

In my case, the VO’s accent felt more like British accent we are used to.


Hi Krishna,

Thank you so much for sharing experience in detail. I am Indian working in Kuala Lumpur since Feb 2014 (1.5 Years till today). Is it good to attend visa stamping in Kuala Lumpur ?. I heard that people were saying that you should have at least 3 years work experience in Malaysia to get H1 B stamped otherwise they ask you to attend interview from any Indian US consulates. You suggestion may change things and would highly appreciate your feedback.