H1B Visa Stamping in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia - Experience

Interview place : KL, Malaysia
Interview appointment time : 07:40 AM on 1st AUG 2014
Reached Embassy by : 6:30 AM
Allowed inside by : 7:30 AM
Token No. issued : A 001 (FIFO person of the day)

Security check of documents, shoes, belt and wallet

Entered inside main hall


Asked to submit the below docs:

  1. DS-160 confirmation page
  2. Interview appointment letter
  3. Photo
  4. I-797 Original
  5. Original certs and mark sheets of all academics
  6. Original letters of previous companies

Finger print scanning done

Main interview by consular officer:
Questions asked by the interviewer

  1. So you are going to work for company ABC?
    Krishna: Yes
  2. How long have you been working for ABC ?
    Krishna: I am working for XYZ currently and i got the job opportunity from ABC recently
  3. What is your job there ?
    Krishna: I will be doing design, development of s/w application using programming languages for (employer project name)
  4. How long have you been working here ?
    Krishna: In Malaysia 4 years
  5. Have you been to US before ?
    Krishna: No
  6. Have you applied for visa before ?
    Krishna: Yes for B1
  7. Through which company did you apply for B1 visa before ?
    Krishna: My Previous company name in India.
  8. Did you read through the instructions in booklet given ? (The booklet is all about employee rights while in USA)
    Krishna: Yes, i did
  9. Please wait and read through the booklet again, will ask you some questions on same ?
    Krishna: Sure
  10. I am issuing you visa. Please contact hotline if you feel suspicious of anything in US
    Krishna: Sure & Thank you
  11. No need to pay any reciprocity fee. You can leave now
    Krishna: Thank you.

IT’S a HAPPY ENDING :-)) without any twists and tales

Note: Keep smiling and be confident. You are through :slight_smile:
Wish you Good Luck for all the readers.

Thank you.

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Thank you for sharing Krishna !