H1B transfer Receipt processing time after 3rd April'2017

I was about to get an offer from a product company but their HR told me that H1B transfer receipt process takes around 2-3 months(after suspension of Premium processing for next 6 months) so they may not consider me for this role but I think it may take 2-3 weeks only with regular processing.

I just want to know the exact processing time for H1B transfer after 3rd April’2017 so I can share this information with them.

Does anyone got the receipt with H1B regular transfer ?

Is there any SLA for receipt of H1B transfer with regular processing ?

I am in same situation. But my company told me,i can start my job with " received" confirmation. You don’t need receipt to start your job. you just need ‘received’ confirmation. Hope this helps.

Did you apply for change of Employer? Mine was sent to USCIS on 4/14 no response yet.

Any updates on above query?

There is no SLA for regular processing. It could take few to several months.

I know, I was checking on receiving receipt.

The receipt notice should be received within 30 days.

Hi irsirs, did you receive your receipt number from USCIS?

Not yet, my application reached USCIS on 4/14 … haven’t received receipt yet… Vermont … change of employer …

One of my friend’s COE reached CA on 13 and he got a response yesterday…

how about urs receipt? .

Mine is sent on 4/28 (Yesterday) to USCIS, Vermont . Need to see how long will it take.

Also, I am on the same boat that of yours i.e. Change of Employer.

My H1B transfer application was sent on 04/11. My employer/attorney didnt even give me packing tracking number or uscis acknowledgement for package delivery. still waiting… not sure how long its going to take on my luck!! please let me know if anyone gets it. TIA

Which service center? .

If the H1B is filed on 4/11 then you should have gotten the receipt as the receipt would generally arrive within 2-3 weeks.

Hi itzbabu85, did you get the receipt number?.

Hi… so far i was trying to get service center info from my law firm. no idea when i would get response from my law firm first… and i havent received receipt number… three weeks over as of today!

my application has been sent to Vermont service center

Itzbabu85, that explains … mine is Vermont too… we both may receive around same time … do u know when was ur application delivered to USCIS … I know it was sent on 4/11 but when was it delivered …