H1b petition Status changed from RFE response review to Initial Review


My H1b Status changed from "RFE response review" to "Initial Review" with the below description. I dont have any clue of what this means.

"your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER"

Can someone let me know any info related to this? Or someone had the same situation before?

Thanks a lot for any help!!!!!

Did you travel outside US while your petition was pending?

No. Infact i traveled into US on H4 when my H1 was pending. After i was in US, H1 status changed couple of times (Initial review -> RFE -> RFE review response) and now back to initial review with the mentioned description.

Did your employer submit your I-94 when submitting the RFE response?

No. I have not given my I94 yet to my employer.

Then most likely they have automatically figured out that you entered into US while petition was pending.

There was a recent case reported in which H-1 got approved w/ COS (person was outside US during the filing but employer submitted I-94 as part of RFE response when the person entered US).

So keep an eye out for your application’s approval - although the initial petition was filed w/ consular processing, but USCIS may process it w/ COS.

Thanks a lot for your info. It greatly helped.

Will this have a bad impact ?

It won’t have a negative impact. But if your petition gets approved w/ COS, then you will have to start working on H-1 from the approval date. So you need to be attentive about it.

Sure thanks. Fingers crossed on approval for H1 :slight_smile:


My H1 application is also showing same status:
“your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER.”

On December 10th it moved from RFE to decision and now from decision to initial review with above message.
Do you have any idea what does this message mean in my case as I didn’t travel outside US while my petition was pending.

Thanks in advance.

I have seen several people getting this message and I suggested them to talk to USCIS, but no one has reported what USCIS told them. So your employer/attorney should contact USCIS and figure out what happened.

Do you have any update?

No Updates Yet. Just waiting, waiting and waiting :frowning:

My Status is like this…
Employer responded to my RFE on 10th Jan in PP. That status got changed on Jan15th to RFE Response Review and PP clock started ----> On 16th it changed to Initial Review-----> Again Late night on 16th Jan it changed to ACCEPTENCE not sure why it again went to Acceptence. My Current visa in L1 and it is going to expire next week… keeping my fingers crossed

When it is upgraded to PP, it often goes back to Acceptance as it gets assigned to a different officer. If it doesn’t get adjudicated within 15 calendar days, your attorney should follow-up w/ USCIS until then just wait.

Hi Saurabh,
My status has changed to RFE response review(second time) on Feb 1st.
Initial Review-> RFE 1st-> RFE 1st response review-> Decision-> Initial review-> RFE 2nd response review. Can you suggest if USCIS would again take 60 days to reply to it. My employer is not ready to apply for PP at this point of time. I thinking to apply for new H1b petition this year. Please advice.

Hi Selvi,
Any update on your case?

nothing yet :frowning: i dont know what is happening in USCIS

Did you get any update Selvi?

No Update yet. got another RFE, responded and waiting. Its a long wait for me.
How about yours?