H1B - Got 221g blue slip 8 Aug 2014 Chennai consulate


I Got 221g blue slip on 8 Aug 2014 at Chennai consulate on my H1B petition. Only one Q was asked on location of work (client sie?). I asnwered appropriately as per my job location and visa officer started writing some crap and asked me to submit all employer related documents electronically.

I 'd like to know the probability of my visa getting issue or NOT. What would be the chance of denial an some reasons?


Hi Anushankar,

Even mine same case, Got Blue slip 221(g) on August 14th 2014.

as usuall , VO asked few questions to which i answered appropriately (VO asked some 11 to 12 quetions) then

VO : can you please give i129 petition document, Project details , Offer letter

VO took these documents and gave yellow slip which say “PLEASE BE SEATED , WE WILL CALL YOUR NUMBER”

further they made me to wait for almost one n half hour and after that the same VO called me back , VO handedover alll the documents back ,even passport and with BLUE SLIP 221(g) with case number , and VO said we require more docuements from your Petitioner/Employer and VO particularly said that we should send the checked documents in PDF format to the mentioned e-mail id.

in the blue slip they have asked FROM YOUR PETIONER side, they have checked “A copy of the petition with all supporting documents as filed with USCIS” and " a detiled descrption of the project to which i will be assigned to "

So, this is my case and i have requested my Employer to send all documents at earliest, hope he will do that.

can anyone faced the similar case and how many days it took to clear and get stamped? Please revert friends



I am in same situation. Got 221g slip on 30th July from New Delhi. VO asked me few generic questions then gave 221g slip with almost all Employer side options checked…He retained my documents + passport…Two days later I got an email to collect my passport from OFC center. This was having another 221g asking to submit employer side docs(this time only few options were checked)…
I will be submitting docs in couple of days.
Lets keep us posted…

today ,2nd September 2014 I attended the interview, same blue slip with contract document and submit your passport at vfs.

Hi Comes,

Can you please elobrate your case, what exactly happened? Did they asked you to submit ur passport?

simple, after few question, they directly asked contract document between client and your employer, I said they did not send it, then she went inside and came with blue slip , that has mentioned , provide contract letter to the mail and re submit your passport at vfs center. reach me at E-mails are not allowed

today i got my visa stamped and received the passport.

Brief history:

  1. Sep 2nd visa interview at consulate
  2. asked very few std questions except one that was put my case into dropbox, which “show me the contract document between your client and your employer”
  3. gave blue slip, asked to mail the pdf to mentioned id and submit the passport
  4. Sep 3rd i e mailed the pdf and submitted the passport on the same day.
  5. They told one week after you may receive sms and email to get passport.
  6. Sep 10 got email to collect passport and vfs center
  7. stamping was done.

meantime i was checking my status ceac page it was changing every day one. the mail status after 3 days was issued.

Congrats Gomes on your Visa!!

I am still waiting for Update from chennai consulate on my 221G. will update on this.


Hi Manju

I am also sailing in the same boat like urs.Did u get any further info after that or visa approved.can u share me ur number or add me E-mails are not allowed


blue slip guys, can track your intermediate status after submitting document via sending email to “passportstatusatustraveldocsdotcom” with just subject and body. in subject enter your passport number and the body just passport number alone.

  1. Sep 10th visa interview at consulate
  2. Asked very few std questions and asked me to email “contract document between your client and your employer”
  3. Gave blue slip, asked to mail the pdf to mentioned id.
  4. Sep 12th i have emailed the pdf

I didnt get any email and status is “Administrative processing” and status Date 10th Sep-2014
Do i need to submit my passport? Please help me

what is your blue slip says, fore it was two items that she marked 1. contract document 2. submit passport. I did both on same day.

for your case if you asked to submit only contract document then you have to wait for another status change. if everything OK that will ask you to submit the passport in till then you can’t submit passport.

thank you very much…

keep posting my updates

Has anyone issued a 10 digit case number in 221g …did anyone try to check the status in ceacand is 0001 default number and has to be appended in the case number.Or has anyone specifically issued a case number with 0001

you should add 000 at the end along with 1. better is email update.

My case is similar to abalakec. I got a blue slip on Sep 22 asking to email PDF copy of contract document and other documents from the petitioner. Once they review it they will ask me to drop my passport at the nearest vfs center.

I’ve asked the petitioner to provide those documents which they are working on. My question is, who needs to email the documents to the consulate email id, is it me or the petitioner? Also what should be the subject line? Should it contain the case number or the passport number or both?

you cam ail to them from your mail I’d that has given in ds160, mention the case number and passport no in subject no harm

Thanks Gomes, will do that

You should send the documents with Case No#, passpoer Number and DS 160 Confirmation ID…

abalakec - any update on your case?