Got 221g for criminal speeding ticket violation

Hello Everyone!!

I dropped my passport for my H1B Visa extension at Chennai on June 12th. And my wife dropped off for H4 on June 20th. Her passport is returned with visa stamped. My passport was not returned until yesterday. Today (July 1st 2023) i recieved my passport with 221g white color form asking me to come in for interview and with information asking for “Please bring in all the documents related to your speeding violation.”

“I got a criminal speeding ticket violation for overspeed and i am contesting it at the court. As of today its in pre-trial. My attorney who is fighting this ticket said we will do the court appearance once am back to US”

I am not sure, if anyone has faced a similar situation like me, appreciate your response on the next steps. Is there any risk? Appreciate your help with the response. Thank you so much!!

Just updating here so if anyone is in same situation.

I was called in for interview. Asked about the speeding ticket. I was explaining the situation of why it happened etc plus submitting the court documents. The consular officer asked if its DUI and any arrest has been made. I said no DUI or arrest. Just need to pay the fine. Then they collected all the documents related to the ticket and said your visa is Approved.

Hi Karthik, I am in same situation as you

Hi I had a Dropbox appointment on 28th of July I got a 221g interview for 2 traffic tickets issued in the past , I had declared my traffic tickets in DS-160 , they asked all court documents and proof that court case was dismissed, which I did have on 14th of August yesterday, they did not say anything to me VO mentioned that I don’t have precise timeline for you but will make a decision soon they did not say approved or denied anything, In my driving history of 12.5 years I have two tickets driving 90 in 55 and 45 in 40 none of these are criminal office but traffic citations for first one though I had to appear in traffic court. Anyone in same boat - please share your experience…

Karthik - Thanks for sharing your experience in your case during the interview itself the officer said that it was approved? Sounds like yes…