Change from B2 to F1, Extension applied for B2?

Hi Kumar,
I am in the US on a B2 visa to visit my husband and I had applied for a B2 extension on June 6th. My visa status expires on July 23rd and I understand that the wait/process time is 3-4 months. Can you please let me know if there are chances of rejection for B2 extension? Have you or anyone come across such cases?. I am planning to convert to a F1 dependent (F2 visa) if I don’t get an update by August end - do you suggest to do it right away since F2 visas are prone to less rejection (this will scrap my B2 extension request also I assume) ?

Thanks in advance,

Well, this is slightly tricky. In general, it is not recommended to apply for B2 extensions. But, now because of COVID, if there are no flights, they can be filed under extreme situation.

Now, moving to F1 and others is a very long process, it can take 7 to 9 months or more ( see below for Vermont processing time). Also, your intent from tourist is changing if you apply for F1 COS. It is not suggested.

The safest thing is to leave US and arrive back in US as dependent visa. You can let the B2 thing continue due to COVID.