B2 visa extension for Parents during the epidemic

As the visa expiration date nearing soon, is it advisable to apply online for B2 visa extension for Parents instead of Paper application?

You should do it immediately. Yes, do it using online application. Please do it before the I-94 expiration to avoid all out of status issues…


Is doing online application is worthwhile, it’s very confusing online.
After filing online, do we get the receipt same day ?
Please let us know if anyone has tried this Thanks

Yes, I submitted an online I539 form for my parent’s B2 visa extension. You need to create a USCIS account to file online and you also pay online. Immediately after you have completed the online submission and fee payment, you will get the receipt notice. You can find the receipt notice when you login to the USCIS account. Thanks-

Hi Kailas,

I would like to apply extension for my parents, did you applied single application for both of them or 2 different application for them…I am asking this because if we apply paper we can submit as single application and need to pay only one application fee…

Hello R_V,
In my case, I only applied for my mom. So I’m not sure about the process for co-applicants.
Please see the instruction for filing online here: https://www.uscis.gov/i539online

Excerpts from the USCIS site:

Filing online helps you to:

  • Get your application into our processing queue faster than mail delivery; and
  • Communicate with us directly, without sending or receiving paper mail.

Conditions to File Form I-539 Online

You may apply online to extend or change your nonimmigrant status if you meet the following conditions.

You are applying:

  • As a single applicant;
  • Without co-applicants; and
  • You will not require legal or accredited representation at any point in your request.


Hi @R_V - Did you apply apply online or paper application for both of your parents ? I’m asking b’coz I need to apply for my parents too now.
@Kumar - Please provide your thoughts.

What all documents are needed for B2 extension ?

Also, for question# 16 on i539 application should we check the box for Duration of Status (D/S) ?

You will need to attach the completed i539 form, Copy of passport and visa, a letter detailing why you need an extension beyond the approved 6 months period (Covid19 and travel restrictions) in this case, and any additional information/ documents that proves you have genuine interest to go back to your native country (return flight tickets that you booked originally, income statements if you have a job in India you need to get back to, property tax statements if you own property back in India etc. )

I believe Duration of Status (D/S) is only for F1 student visas. I might be wrong. in my case I left it unchecked.

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How soon we can file for extension.

my B2 visa I94 expires on Aug 4th .