Case reopened after Case approved 2018


My case was denied on the basis saying, I had to provide SOWs, or MSAs between vendor and clients. I opened up a motion to reconsider, and sent the SOW.

Feb 13: Case Was Reopened For Reconsideration

Feb 14: Case Was Approved

Feb 14: Case Was Reopened

Why did it reopen again after it was approved? What does this mean?


It would be a system glitch. You cannot really trust the intermittent statuses. You need to really wait for the physical notice that your attorney gets. Just speak to your attorney to get clarity on the physical notice…online statues can be very misleading.


Hi Kumar,
Thanks. Do you mean its the University DSO’s responsibility to approve this?


Hi moak091,

can you please provide your MTR Filing date?


What do you mean by filing date? It was opened on Feb 13th. I think we sent it a week before that.


No, it is NOT DSO…USCIS handles these cases, just the system glitches. Talk to your attorney or employer, they should get the physical notice.


Hi Kumar,
Yes they did get the notice for reopen. What does this mean now? I got approval notice as well…


@moak091, Whichever letter/ notice came latest from USCIS, I mean the latest date printed on the letter, that is your actual status of case.


My latest letter is case reopened. So what is my status now? Am I still on H1 since I have the approval letter as well.


The last action from USCIS is what is your current status. If your last action/ letter from USCIS says Case Re-opened, then that is the current status. You can check with an attorney to get clarified. But, last action is the general guideline.