B2 visa rejected Parents.....need help?

hi Guys, My parents went for b2 visa interview today and were issued 214b. here are the questions asked.

where are you going to US?

A: To meet my son

What he do?
Sw engg with abc company.

Where he lives?

What you do?

A: run a garment shop

What is your income?

A: 3L

What visa your son has?

I see you visited canada why have you visited canada?

A: to see my brother, he was sick

For how long is your son in US?

A: there for 4 years

Then to my Mother:

What you do?

A: housewife

Why haven’t you visited them before?

A: they came last time, now they are not coming we thought to visit them.

thats it, Do you see any red flag here?

There is absolutely no red flag, they answered it perfectly…The 214B thing is very much a black box, we do not know how they assess it. You can try going for stamping another time…Many have got 214B in the first time and subsequently, they were able to make it through…

Thanks Kumar! We were thing if it could be 2 things.
-They havnt told tourism, they said to meet my son.
-My dad visited canada but not US that time.

Any idea how long we should wait before re-applying?

And also Does it make sense if we apply from other country , where my brother lives and they visit him occasionally ?

Frankly it does not matter. In fact, they told the truth, which is the right thing to do. You could wait for couple of weeks or so and give it a try again…Do keep us posted on the outcome.

Well, that is an option, if the consulate there allows third country nationals stamping. Does not hurt to try it…

Kumar, one more query
does it make sense to change sponsor 2nd time (to my brother in singapore)? or will that be treated neagtive?

Just wondering what make sense/more chances applying with same ds-160 or update some details


You can change it anytime. It should not matter. If you cannot update existing DS-160, just create a new one and carry the same. You can call the customer service and ask as well, they will guide, if possible.

sure I was filling new form…just thinking if it will have negative impact if I change sponsor as I am the one in usa.
Only changing to show they have another child.

Frankly, I do not think it matters. It may matter, if that person is in India, where they live today. The only reason for that is, it may demonstrate their intent to come back and not settle there.

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