Anyone with 221g White slip - Chennai Consulate


I’m nearing the 60 days barrier to check on my 221g white slip case status.

It will be helpful for myself & others who are in similar situation to understand how much time it takes for a white slip case at the Chennai consulate (even though we all know each case takes it own time based on its nature).

Please post the following:

(1) Date of Interview

(2) Whether passport was accepted on the day of interview / returned back after few days of interview, but the case still under AP / returned back on the same day and submiited at a later date after receiving mail from the consulate

(3) Date of submission of additional documents

(4) Date of passport submission (if applicable)

(5) Date of status change in CEAC site and delivery of passport

Kindly consider to take time to post reply for the above as it will surely ease the mental agony that others go through like me.

Thanks !

HI anadmin

interview date: 08 Jan 2013 @chennai

passport not retained.

submited docs without passport on 31 Jan 2013.

no response yet … still showing AP in ceac status tracker…

Thanks roh2009.

My Interview Date: 13 DEC 2012 - Chennai

Passport not retained

Submitted Documents with PP on 21 DEC 2012

Received just the passport w/o visa stamp: 07 Jan 2013

No response yet - still status AP in CEAC

am guessing ur case should technically be counted from 07 Jan instead of 21 Dec. coz i was told by VO not to submit pp. if i submit pp then they will be busy in returning the pp first and then later start working on the case.

hey anadmin… any update on your case., mine is still AP.

Hi roh2909,

I got my visa issued last week - please see the details below.

My Interview Date: 13 DEC 2012 - Chennai

Passport not retained

Submitted Documents with PP on 21 DEC 2012

Received just the passport w/o visa stamp: 07 Jan 2013

Client received contract verification mail by first week of Jan 2013

Received all documents including all original I797A on 26 Feb 2013

Submitted passport on 27 Feb 2013

CEAC website displayed ‘ISSUED’ on 01 Mar 2013

Received passport with visa on 05 Mar 2013

They have taken more than 60 days after documents submission to process my case but I have seen cases in online forums where cases have been closed before 60 days.

I hope you’ll hear from them soon. Good Luck.

thanks so much… this helps.
its been 35 days that i submitted. looks like i have some more time left. i will keep you posted. good luck to you in all your endeavors in USA.

Hi ,

My Husband and me attended at Chennai Consulate for H1B Stamping on Dec 03 my husband answered all the questions at the tme of interview ,but they issued 221g Whiteslip requesting for few documents and returened all teh documents nad passport, jan 4 th my husband dropped all the documents which they mentioned in white slip ,passports are with us only.Its going to be 3 months no update from Consulate Still its showing Adminstrative processing.How much time it will take to complete a.p and passports to get stamped.
How many chances are to get visa stampped for white slip at chennai.consulate have requested for project related doc,list of client , etc.
My husband is a Sharepoint Developer.At the time of interview the VO even saying Y ur Organization wants you to take to USA ,can’t be possible you can work for ur project from here,he was questioning like this and finally he issued white slip.

Please make me clear one thing the PDF which was there in
doesn’t contain our case number and the site
contains our case number showing Admistrative processing ,I would like to know difference between these two site i.e. which slip cases will present in PDF and which slip cases will present in this site

We are in Confusion state and we are frustrated checking for case status daily.this is march and next month again h1b quota opens whether we need to wait for this petition or need to go for new petition filing ?
Please any one suggest us?

I would like to know about Amendment petition ?What is this petition for and in what scenario we need to file this? how many chances are there that visa will stamped if we go for this Amendment petition.


Some one please suggest how many chances are there ,to get stampped max how many days and will the white slip cases ends positively or negatively.

There is no set processing time. It can take anywhere from few weeks to several months.

The CEAC website is the master database which contains information about all cases. The consulate PDF contains number when they are ready to issue the visa or want the passport etc.

You can decide either to wait for current processing to get over, or file a different petition (through same or different employer). You don’t need to go through cap again and can file cap-exempt petition based on your previously approved petition.

Amendment is when you want to take an action on the already approved petition like change of DOB, name, location etc.

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for the reply… I have a query ? if we don’t have client letter and the organization is taking to US for Inhouse project on H1B becomes difficult to get stampped ?
How amany chances are there to get visa stampped for 221g white slip cases ?
I heard if we are going for inhouse project on H1B visastamping becomes difficult is it ?


They want to ensure that the company has enough funds to pay you the salary. When the person works for a client, the client bills for the services and employer uses it to pay the salary.

When the person works for in-house project, the person is not a billable asset. So USCIS/consulate needs to know how that person’s work will earn revenue for the company. If he will be working on a product, then they need to know the market research of the product, competitor’s sale, prices etc. If he will be working on a maintenance project, then the company needs to have an alternate revenue resource w/ enough cash to pay the H-1 salary.

At times companies use inhouse project as a sham to avoid client letter. In that case, it will be tough to get the approval.

Hi Saurabh,

what all the details we should know from the Employer before H1B filing ??
As we are getting so many offer those who are ready to file H1B for us ,but they were asking for some deposit for processing,all this is fine but how to find out how much genuine they are?
what all the details we should know before accepting the offer from the employer to proceed with filing .Becoz few employers were taking deposit and at the time of interview or if petition didn’t get approve they will be keeping some amount,So we are confused whether to proceed with them or not ?Though next month the H1B filing will start ,So Please advice and let us know, what all the details we should know from the Employer before H1B filing so that we can trust and risk money, time and patience.

thanks in Advance.

  • Search about them online
  • Try to get references
  • Ask them if they have direct clients and can provide client/project details for petition/visa processing
  • Get their past approval record online
  • Ask them if they pay regular salary or hold it for weeks/months
  • Ask them about pay when you are not on any active project

Hi Saurabh,

We have submitted our documents 90 days(Jan4th) back still its showing A.P only… really frustrated looking status like that.I was checking the PDF there were few cases, shows 2008 and 2010 also still under adminstrative processing,I am very surprised to see their cases in the PDF from so many years,is it really these many years also A.P takes place?

V.O in the white slip asked me to submitt 3 documents liek project description,list of actual clients and supporting documents.Do you think the docuemnts which they asked me is more or less ? usually the people who has been asked such type of docuemnts to submit have got their visa stampped or not ? please is any one in same situation ? please share your opinions.

My case number was not in PDF When tehy will add my case to PDF,is it when they requires my passport ? we called them to know the status but no use same reply ,ur case is going under some A.P.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi meripe81,

Since yours is an in-house project + white slip, the AP time will be longer than normal white slip cases.

If you have provided client details and an acknowledgement from them that they use your product along with your employer history (genuine tax payer + pays employees well & regular), then there are good chances for approving your visa at the end of AP.

The pdf is ONLY for PINK slips not for white.

This is the priority they follow:


Hi anadmin,

Thank for your reply and for the information.
I would like to ask you few questions, that yours also white slip and it got issued in 2 months ,
I would like to know whether you have client letter ?
when did you came to know that they requires Your passport , whether it got updated in the tracker

it ll appear in the PDF?
ofcourse mail will be sent to us if they require any documents or Passport,but we can’t stop checking the tracker and i was checking that daily so would like to know,whether in the tracker also it ll appear a msg requesting for PP ?

This year unfortunately I didn’t get Employer to sponsor visa and current employer was not ready to file new one and was saying no need to worry it will get approved soon,but waiting for this much long time is Killing , is any one is there whose white slip A.P duration is 6 months and got their stampped visas? please share your experiences it will be so helpful and gives hope :slight_smile:


Interview date: Feb 15th Hyderabad

221G White slip. Passport given back.

May 1st: Asked to submit passport.

Waiting for passport pickup. Not sure of how much time it will take.

1)DOI: 21st March2013
2)Passport was accepted on the day of interview
3)DOS: 22nd March 2013
4)Still in AP


(1) DOI - March 1st

(2) Passport was not accepted on the same day and submitted the docs on March 14th along with the passport. My passport was returned on March 25th without stamping and was told to submit the passport when they ask for the same.
(3) DOS : March 14th

(4) Still in AP

Hi udayabaski,

If you have crossed 60 days then call Dept. of State US Number and ask for the status. You can make multiple calls and talk to different customer support representatives to know the exact status because if you explain you personal situation some might help you with the most recent activity happened in your case.

Meantime, write a mail to
and ask them if you can submit your passport. Since this will create a support ticket in their system there is a very high chance for the consular officer to revisit/check your case.