Anyone processing H1b throw Techsel Solutions with Intellitro Inc

Anyone processing H1b throw Techsel Solutions with Intellitro Inc.

please let me know or mail me on xxx we can help each other please whatup xxxx

Even I got a mail from them asking some agreement and if not obey by rules they would fine 10 lakhs or so :smiley:

Did you paid 20k to techsel ??

@masteraloka you’re 100% correct… I was trapped by bogus company called Intellitro… :rage: and wasted my money and time…it’s really a fraud company…

looks like you are reviewed more than 10 companies from 2015 and you are saying every company is fake how is it possible? can you tell me which company is genuine?

Guys, any body filing H1B with Intellitro this year. Kindly reply.

did anyone attend the call by intellipro and techsel
are they genuine or bogus?

Have you applied with them? On what basis are you telling that they are fake… Please share proofs.

Thank you guys a ton. This helped me not get into their trap. Not sure how to complain for cyber crime - Hyderabad guys.

Kanna1 ,Can u provide ur no or call me once? Need to get some info 8169984528

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Even I have got a email from them. They didn’t ask me any money but they asked me to get some expert opinion letter and education evaluation from some utevaluators. I asked them that I can get report from other top vendors but they insist me on getting from this vendor only. Expert opinion letter is cheap compared to other vendors but education evaluation which actually should be cheap is very costly.

Shankyboy can I call you ?

Sure, please call, I am available

Hi Guys, Teja’s new number is +91 9347402931. If you have any proof, you can report this to CM office [].

I dont generally believe online reviews written here. the reality is they didnt asked any money to pay for h1b thy told this to me upfront which sounds genuine. so,I did my research about the documentation and asked with few of my frnds working in US. that is right h1bs are denying alot from 2017 if documents are not clear. probabully becz they are not taking money and they are investing money from there pocket they are expecting us to provide all required docs which is a good sign to me. they suggested me trustforte corp and ute and i did my evaluations from ute thy given services with in 2 days which is good and sent to intellito i received my offer letter from intellito for now the experience is good with guys lets see wat happns inn future.

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FYI: in 2018 they intimated that our application has recieved the RFC and the respective documents they asked for the RFC is to get some expert opinion letter and education evaluation from some utevaluators. Now again they are quoting the same statement. end of the day they said its denied in the month of april. they haven’t the shared the denial receipt or the full petition number with us.

I am sorry I cant take the decision based on your comments I am not doubting you but your comments may be or may not be true.
I’m having more than 18 years of work IT experience and worked in US on L1 3 years. I think its better to talk to these people about your comments and get the clarification. i went through the offer letter and the terms are nice and straight forward not sure what happend to you. when i applied my L1 even my company doesn’t share anything to me. only shared all docs before going for consulate I think it is common in the industry

Hi, can you please share your contact number.

Hi guys,

Im applying h1b thru intellitro. They informed theyll not charge anything at any point of time. The only thing they asked is to get Education Evaluation and Expert Opinion letters to file H1b.

I do see a mixed kind of positive and negative reviews. Not able to judge which one is correct. Could you please guide me

according to my view I think we should not doubt each company who approached us. if you want to find negatives even apple inc will havethem it is upto people mind set.
Here is what I did before accpeting the offer I went through there past visa applications in myvisajobs and thy have preety good record, I’ve seen alot of comments some people saying they are bogus etc if thats the case how come there h1bs are approving? last year thy have 4 green cards approvals. my last h1 was rejected due to insuffect supported information (through another consultancy) i agree with sahaibm visas are not approving with half documntation so why they will risk there money? i think thts a fair to ask all documents some of them commented they are asking expert letter and education assestment i thnk for canada also we should do it which is not something new the below link will useful what happens if you dont submit the reports and all other information requested. I think this helps.