221g blue slip - passport retained - no documents asked


I had my interview today and the VO handed me a 221g blue slip. Only, needs administrative processing is checked. No other box is checked. The VO dint event check my i797. He asked a couple of questions and handed me the slip and kept the passport. The officer said it usually takes one week to process. But reading about this in the internet seems scary. The interview happened on 27th Jan 2017.

Has anyone faced the issue?



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Hello, it happened with me too, attended interview on Jan 19th, got 221g slip and they kept my docs along with original I797 and passport and mentioned processing.
As of now, I have no idea what to do as they haven’t ticked on anything and they already have my docs.

Still waiting for the updates

@chid1989 did you hear back from the consulate yet? I faced the same situation yesterday, passport retained and with administrative processing checked on 221g

Got the same white slip 221g and retained passport.
Only checked the box at the bottom below the warning.
She told me if I did not hear back in 14 days contact us, other than that nothing was told.

@Chid… Did you get a response within a week? I had the same experience. VO retained my passport and issued 221G blue slip with additional admin processing ticked.

Asked me to contact after a week if no response.

My passport was retained too and they handed me a yellow slip and did not ask me for any document and on the slip it was written administrative processing and it’s a month as I gave the interview on 11th jan. Can anyone help me please I applied for B1/B2.

Hi, Yes. I exactly got it in one week. They issued the visa

I think the color does not matter. I know people who got white slip and still got the passport in one week. So if the VO retained your passport its a very good sign.

Congratulations! Reading a lot of scary stuff on Internet. I had an exact same experience like yours. Interview on Feb 10. Hope to get my stamped passport soon…

Congrats!! My interview was on feb 8th and I hope it won’t take more than 2 weeks.
@Trincazz please post if you receive any updates

Status changed to issued today. It was last updated on Feb 10th. Not even a week.

Status change for me too, from 10th Feb to 13th Feb. Says Issued now. Hope to get my stamped passport soon!

Was you degree in Life sciences?

I had Visa interview today, he didn’t ask for any documents. Just asked me few questions and then asked me to fill out a form for more details.

And gave me 221g , kept my passport.
Don’t know what will be the update.
Pretty scared mostly coz of my name

HI Chid,

Congrats! Approx. how much time it took for you to get the visa. Had similar case. Interview on 8th May 2017 ; Passport retained and given a blue form with administrative processing box ticked in the form. Officer said its a regular process. Not to worry. It is B1 visa

What about others ? Have you all got the visa? How much time it took.

HI Amir003,

Any updates on your visa status yet?

No updates yet .
But one of my senior had the same case and got approved in 2 weeks.
So let’s see.

Ok. when was your interview . Was it Chennai ?

I got the visa. Hope you also get it soon. All the best.

congrats … you got it very soon.
My interview was on 3rd… lets lee what happens next.
Mine is H1B btw.