Your visa application process is complete. please you can drop off passports at nearest


Your H1B visa application process is complete. You can now drop off your passport.

what is this meaning of above email…got from consulate…

Grateful to all who contributed to this forum…keep it up…

You didnt provide much more details of your case.

But you are gonna get good news, your visa is going to be get stamped. Go ahead and contact the passport agency/consulate with the print out of your email. You may need to use the drop box facility to give your passport etc to them. You will get the approval stamped in your passport in post.

Very nice. Definitely good news! Let us know, we appreciate happy stories.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,;

Thanks Dr Shankar…I got good news…
But my all documents submitted are not returned along with passport stamping.
Will they send those as I already sent email requesting them?
Could you please provide me your inputs in this situation?

If those documents are not Original documents, let them keep, you dont need to worry about them right?
If any original docs are left with them, they would return them to you when you have requested.
Usually, consulate wont keep any original documents.