Yet to receive acknowledgement


My company’ s portal where we get updates on h1 b visa currently holds the status as “filled with USCIS” and date as 13th April 2012, but to my worry even today (05th July) the status holds the same.

I am little worried as the normal duration for the receival of receipt numer is 60 days and here it’ s almost more than 60 days past now, have am in the cap and any information on why it is taking so much of time would be really helpful.

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Your Receipt number has already been received by the employer. Then only they can put the status as ‘Filed with USCIS’…Normally these days, employers are not disclosing the receipt numbers to avoid the continoius follow-up mails from their employees.

You need to wait till it goes to an RFE or Approval stage which your employer will track and get back to you.