Yellow Slip (Dubai Consulate) - H1B 2013-14

Dear Members,

Please share your expertise, guidance and advice for my case below,

Employer: US Based Employer (IT Consultancy with 30+ employees)

Model: EC

Petition Approved: 3 Years

Consulate: Dubai

DOI: 30 Oct 2013


VO: Good Morning

Me: Good Morning

VO: Purpose of travel?

Me: Temperory Non-Immi H1B

VO: Role?

Me: Software Programmer

VO: Place of Work?


VO: Company located ?


VO: How do you come to know about this position?


VO: Current role and company?


VO: Your Qualification?


VO: Your Previous work experience?


VO: Salary offered in USA?


VO: Fine as it is H1B it takes some time to issue visa, please note this case number in the “Yellow Slip” for update every two weeks. No documents asked Nothing went wrong with details provided in the interview.

Please let me know for similar experience and cases or advice.

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Each case is different, read below link about administrative processing…


When your employer filed your petition was it for Dubai conslate or somewehre else in your I797 form .

Did you employer notified about PIMS database verification . It looks like a case where Indian is trying to get stamping outside home country and PIMS is not updated . Please check with your employer …

My consulate name in I797B form was the same Dubai Consulate. My employer told me to go ahead with dubai consulate.
There is one more colleague for same US employer who went for stamping in Aug Dubai Consulate with family also got the same “Yellow Slip”
Any thoughts about it ?

Check with your Employer if they Updated PIMS system also while sending docs to USICS …

Hi. We are in the same boat.
On 15th Sep2013, i had my h1 visa- stamp interview in dubai. The main doc. that the officer asked me to give was my h petition approval. Then i was given a yellow slip and have been told, there is an administrative processing could take 10days-1mo.

10 days later, i got an email to submit some additional docs. Such as my employer`s tax refund, our contract,…
I could submit them on Oct6th. On 20th Oct, i was notified my docs were received and sent to the officer in charge. On Nov 10th, the consulate said that i should wait for clearance processing.
Now is 28th Nov. 2013, and no update on my case (over 2 mos. Now)
I have heard the administrative processing might take 5/6 mos. or even more. Even your case might be rejected after months of waiting!

Appreciate if i have your comment on my case.


I had my interview today in Dubai, however everything went smooth except the part that i told them i was on my sixth year of H1B and thus i was given the yellow slip stating that Administrative Processing is needed. I mentioned to them i have approved I-140, but even then i was told to go through this route of waiting.

They however gave back all the documents including passport and the visa counselor told me it takes around 1-2 weeks to get it resolved.

Fingers crossed. Any updates please let me know.

Im not in Dubai right now. I have applied the first time for h1. So, I hope ur admin. Processing time doesn’t take that long mine does. I’ll keep u posted if things change.

For me also same thing happened on Dec 24th, Could you please let me know if you have any updates form your case? If it sucess how much time taken to complete the process?.

So far no updates. Its been 16 working days i.e. 3 weeks +. So I am now applying for H4 visa in Chennai since my wife got her H1B approved in Dubai.

My interview is on Jan 2nd. If I get the Dubai visa before that then I wont go for the H4 interview else I will. Gluck.

Was your reason also because you were 6th year of H1B?

Note: I am in India now.

No updates for me either. Glad at least ur wife made it. Would you please let me know when did she apply in Dubai, and how long has it taken to get approved and then for stamp.
Hope u do well for ur interview.

My wife was just 4 tokens ahead of me i.e. she went first. Her interview was very smooth and she got her visa within 2 days.

Since we both have been working in the US for the past 4-5 years I expected mine to go smoothly as well. But the VO wanted to have a back ground check done on me since I am on my sixth year of H1B.

I left the States few days before my interview in Dubai, and was expecting to get my visa stamp in 10 days. But, getting the yellow slip has made this process so long! This is my first time for H1. If things change, I’ll keep you posted.
Good luck with your visa interview!

are you selected from h1b lottery system or you directly went to the interview

Same boat Imran pls tell me how much they took in your case