Yellow Slip 221g, visa expiring April 8


First H1B approved but change of status denied. H1B approval date - Jan 13th to April 8th 2020

Interview in Mumbai and was given yellow slip 221g. Interview on Feb 10th and submitted all documents on Feb 19th.

I currently do not have work from India option.

What should I do now? The embassy has shutdown here due to COVID-19. Please share any information that can help and/or any options.

Does anyone know whether a bill can be passed to provide grace H1B days to 221g cases as well if the USCIS decides to give due to COVID.

Sorry to hear your situation…I wish I had any solution. Unfortunately, many are stuck with this situation.
There is nothing you can do. Check US Embassy site on when it will open and follow up on your case.
No, I do not think there are any bills as such…There are far too many other problems that US is dealing with…

Hi Kumar. Its been 70 days since I submitted document to US consulate Mumbai via e-mail. I haven’t heard anything on this. Do you know if Mumbai embassy is open and they are working on 221g cases??