Wrong Visa category on US Travel Docs (Entered H1 instead of H4) and got appointment - Please Help!

I did a blunder in filling out the Visa application for my wife. I chose the wrong visa category.
Can this be rectified? Has anyone had any similar experiences?

It will be terrible if we had to reschedule the appointment after waiting many months to get the first one

Thank you for your help,

This is not an issue, human errors occurs at times.

If it is less than 30 days of submission of DS160, go back to the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website page for the DS-160. Click the tab for “Retrieve an Application.” Hopefully you took note of the application ID number from the DS-160 you submitted earlier, because you’ll need to enter that application ID number in the box. Then click the Retrieve Application button.

In the next dialog box, click “Create an Application.” Next, you’ll have to answer the security questions to get back into your form. Once you’re in, correct your mistake, then review everything, then electronically sign and submit the application. You will be given a new confirmation and bar code to print and bring to your interview.

If more than 30 days have gone by since you submitted the application with the mistake on it, you can upload that application back into CEAC, if you saved it on to your computer or other storage device. Go back to the CEAC website, click on DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, choose the consulate or embassy where you will be applying from the drop-down menu, and then click the “Upload an Application” tab. Choose the location of your saved file, and click the Upload Data button. After making your changes, save and submit the new application. You will be given a new confirmation and bar code.

If you never saved your original application, and it has been more than 30 days since you submitted it, you’ll need to start over. Go back on the CEAC website and fill in a new DS-160. Print the confirmation page for this new application.

If you used the first (incorrect) DS-160 submission to schedule your visa appointment or pay the visa application fee already, you will need to bring the confirmation pages from both the new (corrected) and the original (incorrect) DS-160 to your interview/dropbox.

Hello Kalpesh,
Thank you for the detailed information. I really appreciate it

My issue is not with DS160, it is with the actual visa application/slots that we fill on US Travel Docs.

Long answer:

Me being a primary applicant was trying to get added to my dependent’s application such that we both can go in person (I was getting drobox and could not get my dependent on my application as this is her new H4)

Afterwards I checked with embassy and was made aware that a Primary applicant cannot be added as dependent. So, I did create a separate profile (US Travel Docs), however, the act of adding myself to her profile the first time, made her primary applicant and I did not double check visa category knowing I entered the correct category the first time.

Now, after many months we were able to get her slots but they are for H1-B visa instead of H4

Sorry for the long explanation

Any help is appreciated

Thank you

Ok I get it now. Did you call and ask VFS if this can be fixed in the appointment by them? If not, I am afraid that you will need to cancel the existing and reschedule another with correct category.



I ended up calling the embassy. There are certain fields which can be updated over the phone or through “provide feedback”

However, visa class is a big one and under no circumstances can be changed once an appointment is scheduled

I ended up canceling the interviews and I am back to looking at slots again