Wrong surname surname in I-797 H1b petiton

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for all your support all these days and finally I got approval.

But when I see my petition there is one letter missing in my surname.The name printed in petition is same as my passport first page.In my passport surname is wrongly typed and when I went for passport correction instead of issuing new passport with correction they have corrected my correct name in the second page of my passport.Will this create any problem for my stamping or other process.Officers/Petitioner might have seen the first page of my passport while filling application.

ALso my company currently is not having requirements to send US and other company is ready to transfer my visa to them.If new company applies for H1b transfer will my name typo creates any problem for their transfer or new company attorney can mention the actual reason.

I have scanned 2 pages of my petition and my company is not ready to share original petition.Is this sufficient for H1b transfer and also please let me know whether name typo error creates any problem for H1b transfer.



If the current employer has no urgent need to send to you US, then a better solution is for them to file for H-1 amendment to get the correct name on the petition. You can then appear for stamping w/ ameded petition. In the DS-160 form, you can submit the correct name and they should issue the visa stamp w/ correct name.

Also, check w/ employer as to what was mentioned in I-129 form. If that form had correct name, then USCIS did a mistake and amendment should be free. If your employer had enetered the wrong name in I-129, then your employer will have to pay for amendment costs.

For changing employers, this typo should not be issue. You can transfer H-1 using copy of the approved petition.

Thanks for the info Saurabh.