Wrong start date on H4 COS

I applied for F1-OPT to H4 COS for my wife with H4 start date as May 24 2023. She is on F1-OPT valid till May 23 2023
Due to some mistake either by my immigration team or USCIS, the start date on approved H4 is Mar 28 2023. I am yet to get EAD.

Can my wife still work on F1-OPT now? How can I correct this mistake on H4 start date?

Unfortunately she has to immediately stop working as her status changed to H4 already and working without H4 EAD will be a violation of the non-immigrant status.

Her F1 status is still active surprisingly. We don’t know why F1 was not replaced by H4 is SEVIS portal. We called her collage and confirmed it. We still don’t know if she can work.

We tried calling USCIS contact center to expedite the EAD but the call does not go beyond the BOT. It keep asking us to go to USCIS website