wrong salary details in DS160 form.

I submitted DS160 form online with an old salary (less than my LCA) mentioned by my Company, I got my interview appointment fixed and my interview is very near, in another 4 days. recently my company updated the deputation letter and gave me the revised salary to match LCA.I can carry the recent deputaion letter to my interview. Will it create a problem if i have the old salary menioned in my DS160? will there be any issue in the interview ? Please suggest.

You should fill another DS 160 with correct salary and uptodate information

Contact OFC. Explain yr case

they will guide you

Recently a prominent lawyer firm published an article stating that one is now allowed to modify submitted DS-160 details.

Here is that article: http://www.murthy.com/2013/02/13/u-s-niv-applicants-from-india-may-now-update-ds-160-info-after-visa-interview-is-scheduled/