Wrong Principal applicant name in visa

We got our visa stamped for me and my daughter but the name in annotation section for Principal applicant is somebody else’s name and not my spouse name. We have sent mail on this to embassy and they said the issue is escalated and we will contact you as soon as we receive a response. We previously planned for 14th and now moved our plan to 18th of July. But seems we have to cancel our tickets if this issue is not resolved soon. Does anybody have faced same issue? How much time does it take for this correction. We have not made any mistake in DS 160 form so hopefully it should be resolved soon.

Can you please let me know how did you resolve this issue and how long it took to you ?


Hello Ashish

There was a email id given on the site to which we sent mail regarding our request. I waited for 1 week for their reply but didn’t receive any response. I then went directly to biometric office and showed urgency because my spouse was already there in US and I was alone with my minor, they took my case as exception and let me drop my documents. After submission I got my passport in 5-6 days. In normal case you have to wait for their reply on mail to drop your documents on a particular date.

Thank you for the response. Do you have any information whether I can travel without correcting Primary Applicant name in the Annotation section of H4 visa or not.


Hi Ashish,
Did you get any info reg this question? If yes, please post here. I am also in the same situation.

Hi, I didn’t correct principal applicant name in H4 visa as other informations were correct . I didn’t face any issue while traveling back to USA.

Hi Bimin,

Did you get update from them. How did you fix the issue.

May i know if your biometric location and interview location is the same.