Wrong Occupation tile but correct Job title in LCA for H1B and PWD for PERM


My H1B transfer and PWD for PERM was filed 21 days before.

I just noticed that my LCA(file and Certified but H1B transfer is in progress) and Prevailing Wage Determination(filed but not certified yet) has "SOC (ONET/OES)Occupation Title as “Software Developers,Applications”. while my Job Title is related to Hardware Engineer and my education is also in MS in Electronics. The wage level filed is Level 4.($73.55 for California).

I think they should have filed for “Electronics engineer except Computers” for which level 4 wage is ($75.49).

However both has correct Job tile as “Senior Hardware Engineer” which is relevant to my experience and education. My company is very small consultancy but has very clean history in H1B approval.

I have following queries regarding this mistake.

  1. Will this cause any issue in my H1B transfer approval or PERM approval ?

  2. Will it increase the chance of PERM audit ? I want to know because my 6th year is already started and only PWD is just filed. I have only 11 months left on H1B.

  3. Will it be difficult to prove my occupation tile in case of RFE or Audit ?

  4. Is it possible to amend this now ?


Hi! That sucks to hear. But what happened to your application? My attorneys for a prominent tech company has made the same mistake too. Im teying to understand what redress is available