Wrong name on Visa Appointment letter (not ds-160)


While applying for a dependent visa for my wife, I entered my name in the primary applicant name field of the visa appointment system website (cgifederal). Now the thing is her DS-160 is correct, and all other details are correct. She went for her appointment and they said they can’t help as appointment letter shows name as mine instead of hers, while it shows appointment done by her.

Now, they asked her to email us travel docs, we did that. The matter got escalated to post and it’s been stuck there for 12+ days now. We are extremely concerned that it is going to impact the chance of getting a visa.

Upon repeatedly calling the customer care number they are saying that consulate will get back. Website is showing escalated to post.

What should we do now? Has anyone faced something like this? Any guidance would be invaluable.

Hey, how were tou you able to resolve this? I am in a similar boat and it could help if you could share your experiences

Can you please reply When was your case resolved after it was “Escalated to Post”
My Case has been escalated to post and it’s been 8 days and no updates.