Wrong client name in approved Petition


Recently I have changed my job and my H1b transfer approved 2 month back.

today I came to know that in Client name is wrong in petition. (It is old company’s name who sold single division to new one).

Apart from that in address - zipcode is typo.

My legal team mentioned that they would correct it in documentation they will give to me for my H1b stamping.

But I am not convinced by their answers. and I am worried as client name is obvious question in H1b interview.

What are my options?

  1. H1b Amendment


  1. just changed documentation?

Your help will be appreciated.


Have they started populating client name in approved 797? Or are you referring to I-129 and LCA location?

Hi Saurabh,

THanks for the reply.

No they have not strted populating client nam in I797.

It seems LCA has correct address.

But supported documentation (Petition and support letter) has these details are wrong.


You should check w/ your attorney but I think it requires H-1 amendment b/c of zipcode typo and old client name.