Would like to pursue MS in AI.need to know scholarships for it


I would like to pursue MS in artificial intelligence, I am an Indian Complete d b-tech with an aggregate of 69 percentage. Can I get any scholarship with this marks and my mother and father do not have any graduate degree. I also work for a charitable trust. And I wolud also like to know wether an experince in Oracle will add a booster to get any scholarships snice I have got an appoinment letter from the firm.

Scholarships decisions are solely basd on marks or scores, unless it is academic achievement kind of scholarships. Read this article:

	[How to get scholarships in US schools](http://redbus2us.com/how-to-get-scholarships-in-us-graduate-schools-for-ms-mba-gre-essays-acads/)

	[How to find scholarships in US schools ](http://redbus2us.com/how-to-find-scholarships-info-for-internationals-ms-mba-at-schools-in-usa/)

In my view, your experience with non-profit will be a big boost for getting scholarship.