Would like to about the RESULT of Lottery since 2nd Employer is insisting me to Join. Kindly advise

I completed my MS in computer Science in 2016 with F1 VISA and working as Software Engineer in a Reputed company since July 2016 at CA. This company applied for H1B and intimated through mail as I am in OPT…

Now, I am selected as Software Engineer in Very Reputed Company and received offer. This being my DREAM job and having very much eager to join as early as possible and they have indicated to join on or before 5th May 2017.

Kindly advise what I have to do ? Options left for me as under

1.Can I join without waiting for Lottery result as such no intimation about the same.

  1. How long I have wait to know about H1B Lottery, If selected how to join

If you leave current employer before the petition is approved, they may withdraw the petition and you will be out of lottery. If you don’t care about your H-1B, then join the new employer on OPT and try H-1B again next year.