Would it be smarter for me to go to USA for Grad school instead of going for a undergraduate degree? (H1-B)


I am a student from Sweden and i have not yet decided if i want to go to USA for undergraduate or graduate school. If i were to go for undergraduate i would not be able to afford graduate school.

I am going to major in computer science

My ultimate goal is to get sponsored with H1-B and win the lottery.

So i have these 3 strategies, tell me which one would be the best one for my goal please.

Option 1 : Undergrad in Sweden and masters in USA

If i were to go for this option i would first attend KTH in Sweden for 3 years for a bachelors degree, trying to get a very high GPA and score well on the GRE and try to get some research experience in so that i could end up at a top 15 MS program at an american university.

Option 2: Just an undergrad at an american university

This option will be the most costly one. If i were to go for this i would go for a university like Cal Poly SLO. After graduation i would use my OPT time and hope to get sponsored with H-1B and win the lottery.

Option 3 : Go for a bachelors and masters degree in Sweden

This would be the cheapest option but it would also mean that i wont get any OPT time or anything like that- If i were to go for this option i would study at KTH for 5 years and graduate with a masters degree and after that search for jobs in the US. KTH is a pretty good university.

Tell me what you think please!

I would go with Option 3. The reason is that, if your goal is to work in US, there is no reason to pay high tuition to get into America. In fact, I am wondering, why do you want to do MS ? Unless you are going for PhD, there is technically no reason for doing MS, unless you have a specific goal in mind on what to do with MS. The better thing to do is to find sponsor or work for an MNC that can sponsor H1B from Sweden itself. H1B requires a Bachelors degree only and does not require Masters. Read Goals for MS in US