working with empl A and H1 petition got approved from B but not joined B and wanted to transfer H1 to C now?


I am currently working for employer A and got offer from B and also H1 petition got approved but I have not joined B yet and also I got offer from C now and wanted to join employer C and I wanted to transfer H1 to C with pays tubs from employer A because I have not joined B.

Please answer below questions.

  1. Should I join employer B and wait for atleast 3 pay stubs and transfer to employer C?

  2. I can continue with employer A(valid until 2019) till the time petition get approved from employer C?

  3. If I can proceed with transfer to C without joining B, should I submit approved petition from B? If yes I dont have pay stubs from employer B. So can I submit pay stubs from A?

Thanking you in advance.